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Starzle Live Game Review

A partnership between BetGames and Entain has birthed, Starzle. And it has already been gaining attention from online slot players. This live game show is based on a standard lottery game, but there is more to it than that. There is a twist! Starzle is different in that players will not need to match all of their numbers or even most of them. If players want to have a chance at grabbing the potential winnings on the table, then they need to draw just one number from the machine.

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BetGames have a reputation of creating high-quality live dealer games, and Starzle is no different from their regular standard. BetGames also prioritises that their hosts be friendly and engaging, which can make all the difference to players. It is common for players to prefer live dealer game shows, because of the unique and tailored experience then can offer. Games such as Crazy Time and Monopoly Live are examples of games that have done just that.

Players can start playing with a minimum of 1.00. If there is a particular betting pattern that a user likes to play with, this can be saved and repeated for future rounds. The greatest possible win with Starzle is 1,000x the bet size, and this is only achievable during the bonus feature.

Featured Symbols

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Players only need to look out for the main symbols they select. The primary goal is to match the chosen numbers with the balls drawn from the machine. Every time a match is made, players will be awarded 5x their bet size.

Side bets are also an option to be played with in Starzle. This focuses on the number and colour of the ball chosen. There are 48 balls in three colours - red, blue, and white.

Bonuses And Jackpots

Starzle has one bonus mode. It is triggered every time the corresponding number is drawn from the machine. With each round, the number will change, and it is displayed on the screen to the right of the host. If a player has laid a bet on that number, they will automatically enter the bonus round. Other players will be able to enter the bonus as well, but an additional wager will be needed to do so.

In the bonus round, players should expect to see two rows of cards, with a total of 10 on each. The top row will be the play cards and the bottom row will display all of the possible outcomes. The host will unveil each card on the top, starting from the left. 

Three cards can be picked, first, a star card, which acts as a random multiplier to boost potential winnings. Secondly, there are set multipliers, which act to enhance the potential win. Thirdly, there are bust cards, which will end the round and forfeit anything awarded during the bonus.

It is good to know that any funds awarded from the main game will still be credited. After each card is revealed, players have the choice to be awarded immediately or resume playing.

Play Starzle at PartyCasino

Starzle's primary purpose was to provide users with a positive, exciting, and fun overall experience, and we can agree here that it has done just that. The addition of a bonus round into a lottery-style game is a superb feature which makes Starzle shine above the rest!

Is Starzle available to play at PartyCasino?

Yes, Starzle and many other popular live games are available to play at PartyCasino.

Who produced the Starzle live casino game?

Starzle was created by BetGames, in partnership with Entain.

How do players get into the bonus round with Starzle?

Players can enter this round if one of their numbers matches with the bonus numbers on the right, before being selected by the ball machine.