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Astronaut Jackpot

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Astronaut Game Review

Just when players thought the world of online casino games couldn't get any more futuristic, along comes Astronaut, pushing the boundaries to new frontiers. This title defies the norm of traditional slots, offering a turn-based casino game that requires player input after each spin. Set within the cockpit of a spaceship, the backdrop naturally unfolds into the cosmos, featuring animated stars and meteors. The gameplay is intensified by fast-paced sound effects accompanying each spin, immersing players further into the experience. While Astronaut doesn't feature conventional reels or paylines, it welcomes players with a minimum stake size of 0.10 per spin.

Red Tiger Gaming developed this game, a highly reputable presence in the online casino industry. Their extensive portfolio encompasses numerous online slots, featuring titles like Fortune House Power Reels, Red Hot BBQ, and Vault Cracker. In addition to slots, Red Tiger Gaming offers a diverse range of table games, including Blackjack and Roulette, catering to a broad spectrum of players.

Featured Symbols

So, what should players be on the lookout for in Astronaut? After choosing their stake size and spinning, a red or green crystal emerges in the centre. As indicated on both sides of the screen, green crystals signal a potential increase in winnings for players, while red crystals bring the round to an immediate end.

When a green crystal appears during the initial spin, players are presented with three options: collect, take half, or continue. Opting to collect grants the potential winnings, while choosing to take half awards 50% of the winnings, with the remaining 50% available for wagering on the subsequent outcome. Selecting continue places all potential winnings at stake on the next spin.

As more green crystals are discovered, the likelihood of another one appearing diminishes. This progression is visualized on the chart displayed at the top of the board, offering players a precise representation of the odds associated with each possible outcome.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Additionally, there's one more potential outcome when spinning Astronaut: the appearance of the golden shield, which introduces a mini bonus mode accompanied by a modifier. This bonus mode revolves around the shield's protection against one red crystal, causing the game to spin automatically until a red crystal emerges. Once a red crystal surface, the golden shield is depleted, and players must then make their next decision manually.

Moreover, the golden shield augments all other values displayed on the screen after its use. For instance, in the absence of the golden shield, Astronaut's maximum potential winnings stand at 18,000 times the initial stake size. Conversely, if all green crystals are collected, and the golden shield has been employed at any point during the round, players are entitled to a whopping 48,000 times their bet. It's worth noting that not all values increase by the same proportion, and only one golden shield can be found in each play.

Play Astronaut at PartyCasino

Evidently, Red Tiger Gaming sought to introduce a unique twist with the launch of Astronaut, and they successfully achieved it. The fast-paced gameplay immerses players while maintaining relative simplicity. Notably, not all online casino games following this style allow players the option to collect half of their stake following a successful spin, adding an extra layer of intrigue to Astronaut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Astronaut available to play at PartyCasino?

Yes, Astronaut and all the latest casino games can be found online at PartyCasino.

Which company created the Astronaut game?

Astronaut was produced by Red Tiger Gaming.

How do players unlock the bonus mode in Astronaut?

In Astronaut, the golden shield acts as the bonus outcome. This will protect players from the next red crystal that appears.