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Slingo Racing Online Review

You could suggest that we’re bringing a review of Slingo Racing to the fore at this time of year when the Cheltenham Festival has recently ended at the right time. Where horse racing is concerned, Cheltenham week is quite probably the biggest on earth . Now thanks to Slingo Originals, we can enjoy Slingo Racing, which will easily keep those who love their horses entertained in the aftermath of Cheltenham and until the festival makes its return next year. Of course, you could also say that everything happening in the traditional Slingo style is really fitting too.

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If you’re new to the Slingo format, you’re going to be in for a bit of a happy surprise with Slingo Racing. And, if you have played a Slingo title before, you’ll know what to expect. Slingo, in many respects, is bingo meeting a video slot. There are numbers in the game area that must be marked off when they correspond with the numbers that appear. And, when enough numbers have been marked off by a player, they’re going to win a prize. The prize isn’t just a cash payout either, as they also result in a move further up the pay ladder.

And, there is, of course, the horse racing element that we will come onto shortly. All in all, the Slingo format is one that can incorporate many different themes and genres, akin to what is seen where video slots are concerned. But, instead of it being a case of just spinning the reels repeatedly, Slingo offers a more innovative and fresh way to enjoy what is still a casino game. And, there is a lot to be said for content that breaks the mould and provides a bit of a change of pace when possible.

Feature Symbols

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Before you can get the action underway when playing Slingo Racing, the first step is to select the wager you want to run with. The amount is adjustable via the stacked coins icon, and when all is complete, hit the start game button.

You’re going to immediately see the horse racing element come into play, as there will then be the option to choose one of three horses. You’ll be racing with the horse of your choice. But, remember, each horse will have a different volatility and prize attached, so choosing the correct horse for your style of play is crucial.

Bonuses and Jackpots

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When the horse has been selected, it’s now a case of attempting to match numbers up to get a run of five on the grid, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. When this feat occurs, a prize comes into play, and so does a move up the pay ladder. The aim of the game will always be to mark off all the numbers on the grid, completing a full house.

You may think that this sounds like an almost impossible challenge, but when you have wilds and super wilds to hand, they can allow for direct selections of numbers to mark off, making the task at hand a lot easier.

When a position on the grid is marked off, if the colour corresponds with that of your horse, your horse will move further around the track. And, if it manages to cross the finish line before the game ends, a jackpot will be the prize on offer.

If you have played a Slingo title before, you will more than likely recognise some of the following bonuses. But, for everyone else, here is what to expect from Slingo Racing:

·      A completed Slingo increases prize values

·      Racecourse feature brings jackpots into play

·      Racecourse checkpoints provide multipliers

·      You can mark off any number with wilds in the row above

·      Super wilds allow any number on the grid to be marked off

·      The free spin icon means one additional spin

·      You can buy more spins at the end of the game

Play Slingo Racing at PartyCasino Canada

We mentioned it at the top of the review, but with Cheltenham having recently finished, there is no better time to introduce a game such as Slingo Racing. But, the fact of the matter is that horse racing is always going to be popular at any time of the year. And, thanks to the Slingo style, players can enjoy the title where if they win the race, they will take home a jackpot.

1) Can I play Slingo Racing at PartyCasino?

Yes, you can play Slingo Racing and loads of exciting titles at PartyCasino.

2) Who makes Slingo Racing?

Slingo Racing is made by Slingo Originals, one of the most innovative companies in the industry.

3) How do I get a prize feature?

To trigger a prize, once a horse has been selected, it’s now a case of attempting to match numbers up to get a run of five on the grid, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. When this happens a prize comes into play.