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Reactoonz 2

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  • Software: Play'n GO
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Reels: 7

Theelectric aliens are back in the sequel to the hugely popular Reactoonz. Fans ofthe original will be delighted to see their favourite alternate universe makinga return, complete with electrified monsters piling into the board. With brightcolours and a pumping soundtrack, it’s very similar to Reactoonz, but this timethere’s even more to enjoy. With cluster play, you’ll be counting on thegoogly-eyed guests piling up, but how much will you win?

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Reactoonz 2 is brought to you by Play ’n GO, and technically, it’s not the second in the series, but the third. Energoonz was the prequel, with lots of similar themes to Reactoonz. The two Reactoonz games are much more closely related, as you might expect, including the innovative cluster payout, a system created by NetEnt. You’ll notice that the board doesn’t look like a typical three or five-reel slot, but instead bears a resemblance to Candy Crush or other puzzle game. This is because the reels don’t spin; instead, the powered-up martians drop into place in a cascade effect. You’ll be looking for clusters of five or more to trigger a payout rather than lining them up like a traditional spin and win.

Althoughslot title doesn’t look like a typical slot, the basics still apply. On the 7×7grid, you can select how much you want to bet, starting from a cautious 0.20and increasing up to 100.00. It’s a high volatility slot so you’ll need to bepatient for the wins to start rolling in, but you’ve got a better chance ofcollecting a bigger payout than with the low volatility titles. With a payoutpercentage of 96.20%, Reactoonz 2 is slightly lower than its predecessor, butwith extra features and fun, it’s still worth making the upgrade.

Feature Symbols

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Theone big highlight of the Reactoonz series is that you’ll never be playing withthe boring J/Q/K/A series that is so often seen with online slots. Instead, thereels are crammed full of cute characters that beam, bounce and wiggle theirway around the board. There are no less than eight regular symbols, from thesad-faced yellow Minion-esque circle through to the wild-eyed, hot-pinkdevilish creature. All of these will win you a prize if you create a cluster offive or more. They need to be touching to count as a cluster, but this can bein any direction, including diagonal. Cluster 15 or more together and you’llget the top payout.

Thebest part about the clusters is that they’re removed from the board when youwin. This leaves space for more symbols to drop in, giving the potential toscoop multiple wins in a single turn. The board will keep emptying andcascading until no more wins can be found. That’s what we call electrifying!

Bonuses and Jackpots

Thereisn’t a proper bonus round on this game, but the extras and variations on theregular symbols provide plenty of additional interest.

Unchargedwilds are the simplest of these; left on their own they don’t do much. However,when they appear next to a winning cluster, they transform into an electricwild. This is exciting news because electric wilds can replace any symbol, andwhen they appear, they also zap some of the others on the board. This helps tofill up the Quantumeter – the meter which you can see to the right. Everysymbol zapped charges the Quantumeter by one, and there are four levels toreach. You’ll need 55, 85, 110 and 135 to get the respective levels but it’sworth the wait as you’ll receive:

  • Level 1: 1 energoon wild
  • Level 2: 2×2 energoon wild
  • Level 3: 3×3 gargantoon wild
  • Level 4: x2 multiplier on all wins

Whenthe 3×3 gargantoon hits the board, after triggering a cascade it splits firstinto x2 gargantoon wilds before cascading again and then breaking into ninesingle gargantoon wilds.

Butwe’re not done yet; every turn a symbol is picked to be a fluctuating symbol.If the fluctuating symbols win, you’ll get an extra electric wild. Fluctuatingsymbols also help to provide energy to the Fluctometer, the small meter on thetop right. When it’s full, you’ll receive between 1-3 more electric wilds,giving more chances to win.

Whenall of this is over, before you hit the spin button to play again, there’s justone final check. If two electric wilds are left on the board, you’ll triggerthe Wild Pair Explosion. This zaps the symbols from the reels, filling up theQuantumeter and triggering a final cascade. Phew!

Play Reactoonz 2 at PartyCasino CANADA

If you like the sound of Reactoonz 2 the good news is that you can play it at our casino site. With possible winnings of up to x5083, it’s not the biggest prize fund and may not be one for the high rollers. However, with reels packed with extra symbols and bonuses, and the rewarding cascade design, you could rack up wins much quicker than you expect. The only question that remains is whether you’ll find yourself energised by this online slot, or whether you’ll you suffer a power failure…