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Power Up Roulette

Power Up Roulette Live Game Show Review

Power Up Roulette is another release that players can't wait to start playing from Pragmatic Play; they have quite a reputation in the world of online casino games. They gained this reputation by creating games such as Gold Party and Tic Tac Take. Pragmatic Play is also highly regarded for their live table games, their range of titles impresses pretty much everyone.

Powerup Roulette - partycasino-canada

The game is set in a standardly minimal studio environment. The roulette table is bang in the centre of the room. There is a board behind the dealer that displays all of the possible single-number outcomes, with the potential for different multipliers to feature beneath the numbers themselves. The hosts for Pragmatic Play's range of live casino game shows tend are chatty and upbeat, and this game is no different from the rest.

Featured Symbols

This game may be lacking special symbols, but this game does provide a range of betting options. In the base game, Power Up Roulette plays in the same way as standard roulette. Players can bet on individual numbers, rows, red, black, high, low, and a variety of other options. 

Power Up Roulette uses the European version of a roulette table, so only one zero is in play for every spin. Single-number bets are usually the most popular in Power Up Roulette, they have the potential to award players at the rate of 35:1. This bet is probably popular because only chips placed on straight-up numbers can have their potential winnings multiplied during the bonus.

Bonuses And Jackpots

When the betting stage ends in Power Up Roulette, before the wheel starts to spin, a few bonus numbers will be selected and added to the board. If the ball were to land on any of these numbers, players will progress to the bonus modes; there is a possibility to continue onto five others. Multipliers are also included, and they can increase after each round.

When the bonus round begins, multipliers will appear in random placements across the board, up to 500x in the first round. Another Power Up number will also be selected randomly before the wheel spins. If the ball lands on a single number that the player has a bet on, the specific multiplier will be applied to the stake size and awarded. 

If the ball lands on a number that is also a Power Up number, the multipliers will increase again before the next round begins. Rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5 can have multipliers up to 1000x, 2000x, 4000x, and 8000x respectively. The fifth round is the last level that players can advance to; the bonus mode will also end when this mode is over, should 5 Power Up numbers land in a row.

Play Power Up Roulette at PartyCasino

Power Up Roulette is another excellent addition to Pragmatic Play live games, joining games like Mega Wheel and Boom City. This game will surely be a success like the others that came before it; many punters are sure to agree that this game is worth the time playing.

Is Power Up Roulette available to play at PartyCasino?

Yes, Power Up Roulette and a variety of other live casino games can be played at PartyCasino.

Who created the Power Up Roulette live casino game?

Power Up Roulette was produced by Pragmatic Play.

How do players enter the bonus round in Power Up Roulette?

In Power Up Roulette, the roulette ball needs to land in one of the Power Up numbers in order to trigger the first bonus round.