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Mustang Riches Blazing Ways

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  • Software: SpinPlay Games
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 234
  • Reels: 5

Mustang Riches Blazing Ways Online Slot Review

Is there anything more authentic where a wild west theme is concerned than the backdrop of a prairie? We don’t think so. Well, SpinPlay Games, on behalf of Microgaming, want to deliver a slot for the wild west genre. To make sure it stands out from the rest of the content that litters the category, they will use authenticity and innovation. Of course, the latter will come via the Blazing Ways mechanic, which will see the game start with 243 ways to win but have the ability to rise as high as 7,776. Kicking off with 243 paylines is fantastic, but seeing that number climb into the thousands is super advantageous

Mustang Riches Blazing Ways Slot - partycasino-canada

It is crucial to get the design and theming right in a game such as Mustang Riches. This is because you're taking punters on a trip to the wild west, which has been done so many times. So naturally, SpinPlay put a lot of effort into the visuals. You will see the cacti that inhabit the prairie, for example. And, the symbols on the reels, which we will come onto later, reflect the wildlife known to live in the environment. So if you want an authentic wild west experience, look no further. But we shouldn't be surprised by this developers work after seeing it previously in Amazing Link Apollo.

Alongside the excellent potential with the ways to win, players will also have access to a top prize of 7,236x the bet. And, when you consider the maximum stake is $40 per spin, it can lead to a hefty payout of nearly $300,000. So, where prizes are concerned, punters will be happy and have that incentive to get involved. Plus the high volatility adds extra excitement to the experience. If you’re wondering, there are also several exciting features to get stuck into in this online slot game, but more on them, and everything else, shortly.

Feature Symbols

Mustang Riches Blazing Ways Feature Symbol - partycasino-canada

As we have already mentioned, there’s a determination to deliver an authentic wild west experience, and it comes through in the theming, design and icons. However, although having an original slot is arguably a positive, we see a lot of the same old where the symbols are concerned, which is what we expected.

You could suggest that everything that inhabits the prairie, wildlife and more, is everything that inhabits it. And by that, we mean there is no room for innovation of sorts in this area. So, we see a selection of royals alongside snakes, rabbits, horses, eagles and coyotes. Of course, we’d prefer to see a developer serve something up different to the norm, but is that even possible?

Bonuses and Jackpots

Mustang Riches Blazing Ways Bonus - partycasino-canada

While adding something different hasn’t happened with the symbol selection, there are individual meters that can hold three coins above each of the reels, which is somewhat innovative. When coin symbols appear on a reel, they’re collected and added to the meter, with each one worth an extra character on the column in which it appears. This is where the increase in ways to win comes from.

There are wilds in Mustang Riches Blazing Ways, and they will increase the likelihood of finding winning combinations, primarily as they will appear expanded on reels 2, 3 and 4. When they drop onto a column, they will cover the available positions.

And, if you pick up three or more horseshoe scatters, you will get your hands on some free spins. It’s another free spin bonus round that is all about providing punters with an option. They can choose between a more extensive game area, for example, but will get fewer spins. And vice versa. Coins found during will add another free spin to the running total.

The options players can choose from will be – 12 spins and 243 paylines, eight turns and 1,024 ways to win, five free games and 3,125 win lines, and finally three free spins and that maximum 7,776 paylines.

Play Mustang Riches Blazing Ways at PartyCasino Canada

We’d probably suggest you give Mustang Riches a swerve if it wasn’t for the Blazing Ways engine. And that’s not because it’s not a decent game. It’s because we have seen all of the above so many times before. However, the Blazing Ways system is in place, and it does bring something a bit fresh to the table, which makes this a better release as a result.