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Lightning Roulette

lightning roulette

The classic casino game of roulette has a rich history spanning hundreds of years, and while it has remained largely unchanged, there have been a few innovations that have breathed new life into the game. One such innovation is Lightning Roulette, a game that builds on the traditional roulette format by incorporating interactive elements to create a fresh and thrilling experience for players. While it doesn't completely reinvent the wheel, so to speak, it does add exciting new features that are sure to captivate players. Let's take a closer look at what this latest version of the beloved little wheel has in store for those who are eager to try their luck.

Differences To Classic Roulette

As we all know, regular online roulette games feature a croupier standing behind a table with a wheel and markings on the felt section. The croupier spins the wheel and releases a small ball into the rotation, which eventually comes to rest in one of 37 pockets – 18 red, 18 black, and one green. Players can place chips on the markings to determine their wagers, such as on odd numbers, red pockets, specific pocket numbers, and more. However, in Lightning Roulette, there's an exciting bonus feature that can result in higher winnings compared to the average roulette game.

lightning roulette wheel

In Lightning Roulette, each spin randomly selects 5 numbers on the wheel, which are revealed by a bolt of lightning striking them. These numbers are then displayed on a digital screen behind the croupier. If you have placed a bet on one of the lightning numbers, you can win an electrifying payout of 50x to 500x. This is a significant increase compared to the standard roulette payout of 30:1 for straight bets, making Lightning Roulette a game that adds an unprecedented voltage boost to the traditional roulette experience.

First Class Technology

Evolution Gaming, known for their innovative approach to live casino entertainment, has brought their expertise to Lightning Roulette. Just the mention of their name is enough to pique curiosity. With their live streaming feed, you can place bets on a real-life roulette game from anywhere in the world using your device. What's more, with Lightning Roulette, you have the unique option to choose your own dealer who will physically spin the wheel. This dealer will be standing in front of the digital screen, revealing the lucky numbers chosen at random.

Evolution Gaming has received well-deserved recognition for their groundbreaking creation, Lightning Roulette. This game has been honored with the prestigious Product Innovation of the Year award at both the Global Gaming Awards and G2E in Las Vegas, showcasing its impressive technological advancements. The combination of live video feed and random number generation (RNG) that determines the 5 lucky numbers is truly awe-inspiring, akin to the power of Thor's mighty hammer. Additionally, an intriguing feature of Lightning Roulette is the visual representation of player behavior on the wagering options. As numbers shake, the most vigorously shaking number represents the option with the highest player bets, making it easier for newer players to navigate this thrilling and potentially intimidating experience.

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Evolution Gaming has masterfully crafted a black and gold aesthetic for Lightning Roulette, exuding a sophisticated and classy vibe. Among the multitude of online roulette variations, few can rival the level of interactivity and entertainment offered by Lightning Roulette. With a live dealer spinning the wheel, the excitement of the game is elevated to new heights. While it's true that interest in roulette can wane over time, when you're in the zone, every second of Lightning Roulette is a thrill to be savored. Evolution Gaming has reignited our excitement for the iconic little wheel, delivering a captivating and immersive experience that keeps players engaged and entertained.