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Jackpot King Prize Lines

We’re back and bringing you something reasonably interesting. Our casino site is never really content to sit back reviewing just basic three reel and five reel slots, and therefore we go out looking at titles with a bit more character to keep the scene interesting. Our latest search brought us upon Jackpot King Prize Lines, one of the latest online casino games from Blueprint Gaming and the next in their line of Jackpot King games. These are slots connected to the Jackpot King progressive network, so you know what you can expect here. There’s also some extra bonus value, so let’s see what you can look forward to when spinning Jackpot King Prize Lines.

This slot game is not technically a slot, strictly speaking. It takes on more of a ‘Slingo’ mechanic. This means that there aren’t wagers placed on a single spin, but instead, you place a wager and receive five spins. There are basically three symbols, but you really want the crowns to align on a payline to receive a payout. After the five spins, you can collect your win or continue the collection of crowns. It might sound not very easy, but once you start the game, you’ll see how simple it is. Blueprint Gaming is the casino software studio responsible for this creative concept. This studio’s online slot games generally tend to be captivating, such as Top Cat: Most Wanted and Super Diamond Deluxe.

If you’re the type of player that likes to be slightly conservative with the size of your bets, then you should feel right at home with Jackpot King Prize Lines. The maximum bet is a very manageable £10, while those really looking to take things easy can wager as low as 20p. The base game has a max payout of 50,000x your bet, which is actually fantastic. However, it’s the progressive jackpots you really want to land. Jackpot King Prize Lines also have a medium variance, so wins shouldn’t dry up as periods such as in higher volatility games.

Feature Symbols

So it might have sounded a bit strange to hear that there are only three symbols at play. The two most common are the crown and the gem. The gem is really a nothing symbol with no value. What you want on each spin is for crowns to land and lock in place. By the end of the five spins, you’ll hope that enough crowns have landed and locked in place on the same line to award you with a win.

The only ‘bonus’ symbol that exists in Jackpot King Prize Lines is the gold coin. However, we’ll explain this icon in a moment.

Bonuses and Jackpots

To the right of the reels, you’ll see that there is a ladder indicating how many lines awards you what cash prize. If you’re really lucky you’ll fill almost all the possible win lines on the table, being 12 in total. If you manage to do this, you’ll have achieved what is called the Full House, which takes you to a large spinning wheel. There are 29 possible spaces that the arrow can come to rest on when the wheel comes to a stop. Twenty-six of these spaces are multiplier cash prizes on your bet. However, 2 are the Regal Jackpot, and only one the Jackpot King. Land that one desired result and life’s financial worries should be a thing of the past.

Quickly touching on that gold coin that can land, whenever one does, you’ll be presented with four objects. You’ll need to pick one which can reward you with three scenarios:

  • Additional spins on your original 5
  • Extra crown symbols added to the reels
  • Trigger of the Wheel and the possible jackpots

Play Jackpot King Prize Lines Slot at PartyCasino Canada

You can play slots free here, which will allow you to try out Jackpot King Prize Lines free of charge. This might not be a bad idea to get an idea of how the game plays. With progressive jackpots involved, this is undoubtedly a chance for you to have a life-changing experience.