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Golden Hook

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  • Software: Crazy Tooth Studio
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: Burst Mechanic
  • Reels: Burst Mechanic

Golden Hook Online Slot

Our casino site has found one of the more unique online casino games you’re likely to play this year, and it goes by the name of Golden Hook. Trying to explain this release is easier said than done in that it’s almost one of a kind. It could be argued that it follows the same concept as Canadian slots online, but in reality, far more is down to the player and not reels that spin to reveal winning symbol combinations. What we can assure you is that there’s up to 3,082x your bet to be won, while there’s also multipliers and a bonus feature thrown into the tackle box.

Golden Hook Main Game - partycasino-canada

You might have seen the name of the iGaming studio that created Golden Hook and wondered if you'd ever seen the name before. Don't fret too much if you haven't, as they aren't as prominent in the casino games industry as studios like NetEnt and Microgaming. With this game, they've released something that looks more like a console creation, in which, as the player, you cast a line into the water and try to land a fish. Catching the fish means a cash prize, while not catching one means you lose your bet. It's actually pretty simple. We’ve seen various online slot games with an angling theme, such as the Fishin’ Frenzy slots series from Blueprint gaming, so maybe Crazy Tooth Studio felt some out of the box thinking was necessary here.

How To Play

As mentioned above, playing Golden Hook isn’t too hard. When the game opens, you'll see yourself standing on the front of a fishing boat. There’s a big red button bottom centre of the screen, and this is essentially the 'spin' button. However, you need to hold it down to determine how far you cast the reel. You then release the button, and your line is cast into the water. One of 2 things will happen here; you either catch a fish or you don't. If you don't, then the game is over, and you lose your bet, having to cast again as another bet. However, if you do catch a fish, then you win a cash prize relative to the wager you placed. As an FYI, the minimum possible wager here is 20c, while the maximum is CA$40.

There is a catch, excuse the pun, when you manage to land the fish. If you hold the red button down, the result is the fish being reeled in. The longer you reel the fish in, the higher the cash value of the fish becomes. It's up to you to decide when you want to collect. If you might think, well, why don't you just keep reeling to the highest possible value? This is because the reel can snap at any time when reeling in a fish, causing you to lose the cash prize. Therefore, playing a sensible strategy is necessary, like with highly volatile Canadian slot machines.

What To Look Out For

When you’ve caught a fish, only at random times, you might see multiplier values between 2x and 10x pop up across the water. These can be randomly added to your catch, providing you collect at the right time and the reel doesn’t snap.

Golden Hook Payout Table - partycasino-canada

There’s also a bonus feature called the Golden Hook Bonus. This feature is triggered if the Golden Bonus Fish bites your reel on any cast/bet. There isn’t nearly as much interactivity here in that you just watch the action unfold. A side-shot screen opens to see a hook drop into the water and hook crabs with multiplier values as well as fish with cash values.

Golden Hook Bonus Game - partycasino-canada

Play Golden Hook at PartyCasino Canada

If you’ve played enough online slots to last you a lifetime, then why not give Golden Hook ago? You'll find that the cash winning potential isn't as high as what you might be used to in slots, while the snapping of the reel can also get frustrating. However, as a lot of what you win lies in your hands, there's loads of thrills and definitely time that can be killed.