The Many Faces of Blackjack

Blackjack has long been a solid casino favourite, one of the world’s most loved card games. Walk into any casino anywhere in the world and you’re likely to find a blackjack table – along with roulette, it’s also one of the most-played casino tables games online. With such popularity, it’s easy to see why blackjack has been a target for innovation. Casino operators and game developers such as Evolution Gaming have created a series of different types, with individual game variations each bringing something new to the table.

For fans, this means there’s already a great deal of choice, when it comes to deciding how to play. Now, with widespread mobile support for the vast majority of games, you can even enjoy your game style of choice from your phone or tablet. So what are the different types and how do they stack up against standard blackjack?

Online Blackjack

If you’re just looking to play blackjack online against the house, there’s the option to do that at most good online casinos, including us at PartyCasino. Usually, you’ll find games with decent graphics, and a good user interface – particularly if the games are from big name developers. Generally, you’ll be able to take advantage of game rules like standing on soft 17s, splitting and doubling down as relevant.

Obviously the key difference when you’re playing online is that you’re playing against a random number generator, rather than a physical pack of cards. While this is perfectly fair and certified as random as a matter of casino licensing, some players still prefer to watch the action unfold with their own eyes. Those players tend to play Live Blackjack.

Live Version

Live Blackjack was a big innovation when it first burst onto the scene a few years back, and it has proved enduring popular ever since. The idea is that players link up with a live, human dealer via a webcam link. Players from around the world can log-in and play at the same table with the same human dealer, helping to recreate the realistic casino experience so many players miss with standard games.

Here your main advantage is the ability to watch the cards being dealt with your own eyes. If you’ve got a decent idea about the strategy you want to play, or if you take the game seriously, this is also a good shout for helping you get closer to the game, which some players find aids the decision making process. Visit our live casino section to start playing today!


Another common, popular form is Multihand Blackjack. Essentially, these are games that allow you to play more than one hand at the same time. You can choose to play up to five hands simultaneously in most multihand blackjack versions. Some will even allow other players to side-bet on your hand, so in some game versions, you could be playing for both yourself and potentially thousands of other gamblers as you play through each hand.

Progressive Blackjack

Some variations adapt the rules more significantly than others – and Progressive Blackjack is the prime example. Here, certain hands won’t just win your bet, but they could also see you winning a progressive jackpot. In Playtech’s Progressive Blackjack, every hand that is played contributes to the jackpot fund, which is then won from a $1 side bet with each hand. The top prize is won 4 suited aces, with 500:1 returns for 3 suited aces.

This fun card game comes in many different shapes and sizes. For regular players, that’s good news. With so many options to choose from, there’s no excuse not to hone your basic strategy and improve your decision-making skills. Whether you’re drawn to live, progressive, multihand, or just good old classic blackjack, you can find more different versions than you could possibly need at PartyCasino. Need any help with your blackjack game? Read our how to play guide!

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