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Romanov Riches

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  • Software: StakeLogic
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 15
  • Reels: 5
Romanov Riches - partycasino

Tales of the vast wealth and fortune of the ruling Romanov family of Imperial Russia can scarcely be exaggerated—which makes it the perfect theme for a majestic, opulent slot game; enter Romanov Riches…

At first glance Romanov Riches is a pretty simply looking slot, 5 reels across, each 3 symbols in height. Purple reels on a purple background gives a pretty plain appearance—but like all the best hidden riches, the true depth of value is only apparent on closer inspection. Each of those plain purple reel is in fact intricately decorated with a barely visible leafy thistle print pattern. Around the reels is a slender gold frame formed into a classical-style façade. Even the background is in fact a delicately rippled purple, flower-printed silk forming a lush jewellery box surround for the strings of pearls and diamonds strewn across it. Matched up with these visuals is the kind of musical score you’d imagine belonging to a Valentine’s Day jewellery store TV advert, with an added undertone of Russian balalaika strings strumming in the background. Settling down for a game of Romanov Riches is an exquisite, layered event.

So how’s the gameplay? Well, despite only having 15 pay lines active across its 5 reels, Romanov Riches manages to be surprisingly rewarding as these line pay both ways, left to right and right to left. Though it opts for the fairly generic 9, 10, J, Q, K, A card symbols for its lower value symbols you might end up being glad to see massed lines of these letters and numbers, especially once you see how adjacent stacks of repeated symbols lock in place and trigger a free re-spin with chances to expand the matching area with each subsequent matching stack revealed. This locking reel mechanism can allow for even the lowest level symbols to build into a decent sized pay day! The rarer gem and jewel symbols can also achieve locked reel status, though obviously this will happen far less frequently. Average RTP (return to player) for Romanov Riches stands at a fairly standard 96.08%.

Feature Symbols

Brrrr… Russia is famously cold and wintery so it’s only fitting that Snowflakes are wild in Romanov Riches. These glistening symbols will float gently into place matching up with all surrounding reel symbols to vastly increase the probability of a win—especially when you remember that wins can be achieved from both sides of the reels.

According to the game specs, each of the reels in Romanov Riches sports a stack of mystery symbols that randomly pick a symbol to match on each spin. It’s this mystery stack mechanic that seems to make pairing up matching stacks of symbols happen reasonably frequently.

Romanov Riches Win - partycasino

Bonuses and Jackpots

The bonus feature of Romanov Riches is, unsurprisingly, borne out when matching stacks of ‘Bonus’ symbols appear in adjacent reels. These reels lock in place and issue a re-spin with an increased likelihood of bonuses appearing. Additional stacks of bonuses expand the locked area across the reels. Once no more Bonus symbols are revealed a multiplier wheel will appear. Depending on how many of the reel you’ve covered you will receive a number of these wheels to spin (up to 3). The maximum pay out available through the bonus feature is 1000 times your initial stake.

Play Romanov Riches Slot at PartyCasino

If you like your slots to look and feel like the inside of a Russian royal’s jewellery suite then this could well be the game for you! It may not be the most bombastic looking game out there but Romanov Riches does find ways to reward its players; come and find out if that’s the case for you today. Give Romanov Riches a try (you can even play it for free if you want) at PartyCasino today.