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Fun Factor
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4.3 Overall Score
Fun Factor
NOProgressive Jackpot
94%-98%Payout Percentage

Modern slots tend to be full-blown affairs, packed with animations, funky graphics, squawking soundtracks and a plethora of bonus features. Sometimes their themes range from history and mythology through to TV shows and movies, which can often confuse the main reason you’re playing them. While for some players, having these extra features and themes no doubt enhances the slots experience, it’s certainly not for everyone. For those who prefer original style slots, or AWP style amusements, the modern generation of video slots can at times feel like a bit too much.

Well, fear not. While most manufacturers are investing their energies in making their games bigger, better and more complicated, there are still some incredible slot games that stay truer to the original form machines – the kind you find down the pub, in the chip shop, or in the arcade. Red Hot Wilds from slot machine legends Bally is a great example, channeling the traditional feel of a three reel AWP slot while combining a couple of extra features that help you increase the frequency of your winning spins.

This is a three reel slot in the classic fruit machine style. But unlike the most basic of physical slot machines, which operate a single winning line, there are 5 paylines, multiplying your chances of landing a winning combination. Of course, the majority of the symbols are classically styled, so expect melons, bells and lucky number 7s appearing on the reels. But unlike your traditional AWP slot, there are also wilds thrown into the bargain (hence the name of the game), which can lead to ‘red hot’ winnings when the reels fall in your favour.

In terms of the RTP percentage, players benefit from either 94% or 98%, depending on how they choose to bet. Compare this to physical slot machines, and there’s no contest – you simply don’t find AWP machines that offer anywhere near the same RTP, so this is much better value for money than the machine down at the local pub. Bit at both 94% and 98%, it also compares favourably to other online video slots, including those with additional bonus features. So while it might feel like you’re missing something without the usual bells and whistles, in this game at least, there’s no tangible difference in the bottom line result.

If you don’t buy into the gimmicky themes of other slots and just prefer to get straight down to business, this could be the slot for you. That said, there are still feature symbols to take into account, which can be of use to you when you’re looking to complete winning combinations across a payline.

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Feature Symbols

If you’ve played many different AWPs, you’ll know that feature symbols are incredibly rare. Generally, it’s just the value symbols on the reels, and you either make a winning combination or you don’t. But with Red Hot Wilds, there is a key difference, in the form of the wild feature.

At the outset of the game, players are presented with a choice of different wilds – pick one of the symbols which will become wild throughout your game. Each wild is attached to a multiplier, and the higher the multiplier you choose, the less frequently you will see the wild appearing. It’s up to you how you choose your wild, but once you’ve made a decision, it stays live in place for the remainder of your game. There’s also the option to change your wild midway through the game, by clicking on the ‘Change’ button which will allow you to try out your luck with an alternative configuration.

When the game is underway, the wild acts in the usual way – it’s a wildcard symbol, although it also delivers the corresponding multiple on your line win. It steps in place of any other symbol you’re missing to complete a winning combination on your reels, so in that respect, it’s a useful feature for helping you win more often.

Bonuses & Jackpots

There are no bonus mini-games to speak of, but there is a single bonus feature that helps keep things interesting. This is a common feature of other Bally slots, known as the Big Bet. There are two options open to players to choose from in this feature – we’ll call them Option 1 and Option 2. Option 1 delivers a 96% RTP, while Option 2 delivers a 98% RTP.

Option 1 grants you five enhanced spins for an additional stake, with wilds that nudge downwards when they appear on the reels. In the case of Option 2, the wild freezes in place, locking onto the reel when it appears. These can be useful features, both in terms of allowing for a higher RTP, and in increasing your chances of winning spins over the duration of the feature.

Otherwise, the game’s main jackpot stands at 1000x, which is up to £500,000 for those playing at max bets – a little more generous than your local arcade machine!

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Red Hot Wilds isn’t exactly packed with features, but then it’s not pretending to be something it’s not. This is a game that has been designed specifically for the purists of the slots genre, and if you’ve ever enjoyed playing a fruit machine in real life, you’ll love the feel and style of this game. The enhanced spins through the big bet option, and the wild feature that lends this slot its name are cool additions, to an otherwise no nonsense game that gets straight to the point. Try out Red Hot Wilds for yourself!

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