Why Online Casinos are Investing in Mobile Casino Gaming -

Why Online Casinos are Investing in Mobile Casino Gaming

Online casinos are no stranger to big investments. Since the industry cropped up around 1994, with casino software giants Microgaming staking a claim to being the first, it has become a hugely competitive space, and one that has demanded constant innovation, research and development for casinos to stay afloat.

Finding the next big thing is vital in an industry where staying one step ahead of the next guy is so pivotal. With all casinos offering broadly similar types of gambling opportunities, the room for differentiation is less than in some other industries, and casinos need to identify and leverage these chances to shine wherever possible. Few would deny that the Internet changed the way we gamble, and it’s now impossible to get that genie back in the bottle. The same is true for mobile, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular medium for gamblers by the day.

But why are casinos so keen to invest in mobile casino gaming, and are the opportunities in mobile justification enough for this increasing focus?

Changing Remote Gambling

Time was that phone gambling was all the rage. And we’re not talking iPhones. The first great remote gambling innovation came when players could phone up their bookmaker to place bets, or phone up a TV-operated roulette game to get involved in the action. The Internet quickly changed the game entirely, making the experience more interactive and even more seamless and convenient than ever before. But just as the Internet was a disruptive force, so too has mobile, and it;s only heading in one direction with the passage of time.

Smart Phone -

The way people access gambling was radically changed by the telephone, the Internet and now by the smartphone. Consumers are increasingly turning to their smartphone as the primary device of choice, and if casinos aren’t investing in that, they’re missing out today – but they’re likely also creating huge problems for tomorrow.

Where consumers go, businesses must follow. And for the purposes of online casino gaming, that means investing heavily in developing mobile platforms and high quality games that encourage players to part with their money in the hopes of landing a decent win.

Improving The Mobile Experience

The mobile experience has come on leaps and bounds since the early days of smartphones, and the graphics and game engines are now largely indistinguishable from what you’d find in the best online casinos. This doesn’t happen by accident – it’s through investment in research and game development that casinos are able to fully embrace mobile platforms, and make the overall player experience as effective as possible. This means making the casino games mobile responsive or mobile optimised on all devices, so the whole range of slots are easily playable.

This goes to the heart of the competition issue for casinos, too. There are so many online casinos out there, and now so many that are dedicated to making the best experience possible for mobile players. If casinos don’t invest, they get left behind, and their businesses will ultimately fail as more responsive casinos take their place with better mobile games.

Casinos invest because they want to push the boundaries of what’s possible, making an ever better experience for their players across the full range of handheld devices. But it’s not just something they invest in out their goodness of their heart – there are selfish reasons for casinos to get wholeheartedly behind mobile gaming.

How Investing In Mobile Gives A Competitive Edge

Mobile casinos are more engaging, and drive higher long-term value for casinos over their desktop gambling platforms. While desktop is by no means dead, the future growth is coming from mobile, both in established, mature markets, and in emerging markets that are still awaiting further development. Investing in creating the most effective mobile platform and games possible gives casinos a head start on slower competitors, as well as positioning their brand for the explosion in mobile growth that still lies ahead.

Mobile Vs Desktop -

Casinos know that by investing in quality games and quality mobile casino platforms, they’re giving their players exactly what they want. But at the same time, they’re creating more dynamic versions of their offering, with the ability to reach players in their pocket and on the go, at any time of the day or night. This has already proven itself to be a good-for-business strategy, and it’s one that will continue to pay dividends for another couple of decades at the very least.

A Solid Investment For Online Casinos

Online casinos have finite budgets, no matter how well resourced they happen to be. It still matters to them that they are getting bang for their investment buck, and that means investing in the future, as well as providing the best possible service for their customers today. By investing in mobile technologies and improving the quality of their mobile experience, these online casinos are laying the groundwork for a profitable present, as well as the future.