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Monopoly Big Baller Live

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Evolution is again seemingly attempting the impossible. The company has announced a new version of the real estate dealing game, this time with elements of Bingo thrown in for a bit of extra fun and excitement. The game is called Monopoly Big Baller Live!

Monopoly Big Baller Live game - partycasino

The action takes place in an almost entirely virtual world. Only the host of the game and Mr. Monopoly himself, both of whom are aboard a 1920s-style steamboat, are real. The rest of the game area is computer generated. Interface tools are minimal, with only the Evolution Lobby button and the chatbox visible on the screen. The camera work during gameplay is excellent and manages to focus on wherever the action is at exactly the right moment.

Feature Symbols

In Monopoly Big Baller Live, the player is pitting his wits against the casino rather than the other players. You start off in the base game with four Bingo cards. You have to complete lines on these in order to win prizes and move on to the bonus rounds of the game.

One of the good things about the game is that you can bet different amounts on each card. If you manage to get beyond this base game, you’ve got the 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls bonus to look forward to. These will help you on your journey around the Monopoly board in search of high-value properties to snap up. All the while trying to dodge taxes and stay out of jail, of course.

The cards have extra positions and multipliers on them. As the machine mixes the bingo balls in preparation for the draw, Mr. Monopoly springs into action, pulling a lever that adds random multipliers to specific numbers on the cards. These have different values and can enhance your win by 10x, 20x, 50x, or 100x.

Bonuses and Jackpots

As we mentioned, there are two bonuses you can benefit from, the 3 Rolls and the 5 Rolls bonuses. Once these kick in, you will be taken to the Monopoly board and given a chance to acquire some property. The higher the value of the property, the bigger the multiplier! The blue properties are the most valuable, offering multipliers of 100x and 125x.

Throw a double, and you'll get an extra roll. This means with the 5 Rolls bonus, in particular, you have a good chance of getting all the way around the board and passing Go! This will double all your prizes. You can watch your dice roll on the blimp that flies across the screen.

Monopoly Live has produced some mega wins since its release, and Monopoly Big Baller promises to do the same or more! The betting range is vast, from 0.10 to 1,000, allowing gamblers on all types of budgets to sample the action. Payouts for line bets on the bingo cards have not been revealed yet, but we do know that they go up to 100x the wager in the base game. Qualify for the bonus rounds, and you can collect and stack more multipliers. In other words, there is obviously potential for some massive payouts even with small stakes.

How to Play Monopoly Big Baller Live

A brief guide on how to play Monopoly Big Baller Live.
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Choose Monopoly Big Baller Live from the game menu.
Place your Bet
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Start the Game
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Play Monopoly Big Baller Live at PartyCasino

If you love Bingo and love Monopoly, then this is the game for you. And even if you don’t particularly enjoy either of these games, you will still love Monopoly Big Baller. It combines all the excitement of the two, throws in multipliers and packages it beautifully. So check it out here at PartyCasino.

Can I play Monopoly Big Baller Live at PartyCasino?

Yes, you can play Monopoly Big Baller Live at PartyCasino.

Who makes Monopoly Big Baller?

The Monopoly Big Baller Live is made by Evolution.

How do I get to the bonus rounds?

You have to complete lines on the four bingo cards in order to win prizes and then move on to the bonus rounds of the game.
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