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Live Fortune VIP Blackjack

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You don’t have to go to a casino to enjoy an ultra-realistic experience. Evolution Gaming Sweden AB is one of the world’s leading providers of Live Dealer gambling software, linking up players from around the world to central dealers for a range of traditional casino games. At PartyCasino, we’re delighted to offer players the chance to play blackjack against a live dealer, beamed straight from the blackjack table to your device – wherever you may be playing from, through the Evolution Gaming platform.

The game itself is fast-paced, allowing multiple players’ hands to be played simultaneously without the same delays and holdups you would expect, even in a real land-based casino environment. Because its software driven, there are also a number of extra features this game makes possible, including side bets, bonus bets and the chance for other players to bet on your hand, and vice versa.

This increased flexibility is arguably central to so many of our blackjack players choosing to play Live Dealer Fortune VIP games in preference to the standard video blackjack games more common in the industry.

How It Works

When you connect to Live Dealer Fortune VIP Blackjack, you are invited to take one of the seven available seats at the blackjack table. This core game will be dealt by the live dealer, and as normal, you’re betting against the House with each hand you play. But beyond the seven hands being played, there is the option for an unlimited number of players to get in on the action. While they don’t get dealt their own cards, they have the option to bet ‘behind’ – effectively betting on the outcome of your hand, or on the hands of other players at the table.

There are also a range of side bets available, as detailed below, which you can use to capitalise on the cards as they are dealt. All bets are placed through the virtual interface in the game, so there is no waiting for bets to be placed manually as you would expect at a live blackjack table. This, plus the combination of additional bets, is no doubt a large part of the attraction of this Live Casino Dealer game.

In terms of how to play the game, it is the same as playing any European blackjack game such as when to hit, stand or double down. Basic Strategy techniques still apply (here is a basic strategy chart) and to even take it one step further the use of counting cards is still applicable.

Betting Behind

If you don’t manage to get in on one of the seven seats, all is not lost. All players in the game, including seated players, can take advantage of the Bet Behind feature to back one or more of the other players at the table. When betting behind, you can also see at a glance players who are on winning streaks, to help make up your mind which players and which hands to back. If you back winning hands, you too will win – even without participating in the core table game yourself.

The Side Bets

Alongside the main table game and the betting behind game, there are also a couple of intriguing side bets available, great for new players looking for more opportunities to win, as well as more experienced blackjack fans hoping to double up. The two side bets available are Perfect Pairs and 21+3 respectively.

Perfect Pairs: Perfect Pairs pays out on hands that are dealt as pairs in any combination. If the hand you are backing has a mixed, coloured or perfect (i.e. suited) pair, and you’ve chosen to back this side bet, you’re in line for an additional win depending on the difficulty of your pair.

21+3 Bet: This introduces poker-style hand rankings to the equation, as a side bet that allows players to make a hand from the dealt cards and a third common card dealt by the dealer. Again, the payout will depend on the assessed value of your hand, with higher scoring hands delivering more substantial rewards.

Play Live Dealer Fortune VIP Blackjack

Live Dealer Fortune VIP Blackjack is certainly an innovative game format, combining the added realism of a live dealer with the flexibility and scalability allowed by software. At any one time, you can compete against the House with hundreds, maybe thousands of other players. While there are only seven seats, the bet behind function means you might also have countless others looking over your shoulder, willing you on to beat the House, for added excitement. Check it out today at PartyCasino, and experience the thrill of live blackjack from Evolution Gaming.