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Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice Review

Lightning Dice was launched in June 2019 and is the brainchild of industry giants Evolution Gaming. who are widely considered to be one of the best at developing live casino games, and Lightning Dice became an instant classic.

Like all of the other special casino games from Evolution such as Crazy Time, Lightning Dice is streamed directly from a purpose-built studio in Latvia.

A deceptively simple table game, Lightning Dice has a live host for an authentic casino atmosphere. If you enjoy live casino games which are fast-paced and easy to learn, Lightning Dice is one to try. You can play Lightning Dice right here at PartyCasino.

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How to Play Lightning Dice

Like other dice games, the way to collect cash prizes is by betting correctly on the outcome of the dice being rolled. You don’t need to have a high score to win; this is irrelevant to winning a bet.

The game begins with players placing their bet. The scorecard is on the base of the screen and clearly visible during play.

One of the reasons Lightning Dice is so popular is the sense of theatre on each turn. The dice aren’t simply rolled; they’re placed into a tall, transparent structure called the Lightning Tower. The live host pulls a lever when they’re ready, and this sends the dice hurtling downwards through a maze – think of a vertical pinball machine, and you’ll get the idea!

When the dice have navigated their way through the maze, they tumble into the tray at the bottom, and the final landing numbers are displayed. The cameras show a close-up of the dice moving through the Lightning Tower, and it’s almost hypnotic. Far more interesting than watching dice just being thrown, the movement of the dice through the maze is an integral part of the game.

As well as triggering the release of the dice, when the live host pulls the lever, numbers are also selected for the multipliers. This can mean a prize of up to x1000. The multiplier is where the online casino has the edge over land casinos, as these types of bonuses in dice play are exclusive to online games.

Betting Options

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The rules of Lightning Dice are straightforward; there are no complicated bets to memorise. The game is played with three six-sided dice, and all you need to do is predict the total number of spots that will be shown when the dice land. Sounds easy, right? It’s trickier to get it right than you might think.

You can opt to bet on as many numbers as you want, depending on your betting strategy. You can even opt to cover them all with each bet. Evolution Gaming makes it easy to do this with a Bet All button, saving you from selecting them all individually.

Casinos may choose to vary the stake, but generally, Lightning Dice can be played with a stake of 1.00 to 2000.00.

Chances of Winning

Some numbers in Lightning Dice have a lower payout and a lower variance. This means that they are more likely to be rolled. The probability of each of the numbers landing based on the three dice total is:

  • 3:         0.5%
  • 4:         1.4%
  • 5:         2.8%
  • 6:         4.6%
  • 7:         7.0%
  • 8:         9.7%
  • 9:         11.6%
  • 10:      12.5%
  • 11:      12.5%
  • 12:      11.6%
  • 13:      9.7%
  • 14:      7.0%
  • 15:      4.6%
  • 16:      2.8%
  • 17:      1.4%
  • 18:      0.5%

As this shows, it’s not an even spread across the board. And this is reflected in the odds which are offered for each number.

Odds and Payouts

The numbers don’t carry the same probability of winning, so the odds offered vary across the board:

  • 3:         x50
  • 4:         x50
  • 5:         x25
  • 6:         x15
  • 7:         x10
  • 8:         x7
  • 9:         x6
  • 10:      x5
  • 11:      x5
  • 12:      x6
  • 13:      x7
  • 14:      x10
  • 15:      x15
  • 16:      x25
  • 17:      x50
  • 18:      x150

These payouts don’t include the lightning multipliers which are awarded. These are random and can reach x1000.


Lightning Dice is a game of luck, so you’ll need a spot of good fortune to win. However, you can adjust your strategy to maximise your chances; there are different options depending on your attitude to risk and your budget.

Some players have a lucky number and stick to betting on that each time. There’s nothing wrong with this approach but remember that there’s no guarantee that any number will ever come up. Each time the dice are rolled the probability is re-set. Just because the number hasn’t been landed for a while doesn’t increase its chances of it landing next time. Each turn is independent, and the probability is the same every time the lever is pulled.

As seen above, there are some numbers that have a lower variance, which means a greater chance of landing. This is because there are more combinations, making it more likely. For example, there is only one way to land an 18 – you’ll need to land a six on each dice. Compare this to the many different ways the dice could reach 12, and it’s easier to see why some numbers come up more frequently. Some players will prefer to have multiple wins on low variance numbers than take a higher risk approach with numbers that have a much higher variance.

One potential strategy is using the Bet All facility. This covers every number with every bet, so you’re guaranteed to win. It might sound like a sure-fire strategy to end up in profit, but that’s not the case. If you bet 1.00 on every number, your stake will be 16.00. There are ten numbers with a payout of less than x16, meaning you only have a 6 in 16 chance of receiving a payout that is greater than the stake. However, these odds don’t take into account the lightning multiplier; you could end up winning a lot more than your stake, even on a high probability number. It also means that if and when the big money x1000 multiplier strikes, you’ll definitely win it. This is why the Bet All is a useful strategy, but you’ll need deep pockets to be able to cover any losses along the way.

Is Lightning Dice Legit?

Evolution Gaming is a well-respected name in the online gambling industry. As you would expect. Lightning Dice is licensed and regulated by the top regulatory bodies, including the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, as well as others around the world.

You must ensure the casino you choose for live play is also licensed and regulated. Providing your personal and payment details online means that you need to be confident they will be treated securely, and your data won’t be put at risk. Casinos that are licensed by strict regulators such as the UK Gambling Commission expect high standards to be adhered to, with casinos subject to rigorous scrutiny.

Therefore, providing you play with a fully licensed online casino, you can trust that Lightning Dice is a live dealer game you can trust.