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Life of Riches

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Fun Factor
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4.2 Overall Score
Fun Factor
NOProgressive Jackpot
96.10%Payout Percentage

Imagine living a life of untold riches – it could be yours if you get lucky with this slot. At least, that’s the message Microgaming are trying to convey in Life of Riches, one of their more popular classic slots games. This is a 30 payline, 5 reel game that packs plenty of action onto the board. Whether you dream of your own private jet, or a supercar, or that yacht you’ve always fancied, you’ll find them represented on the reels, all with stunningly drawn graphics to help build up the excitement.

Underneath the luxurious wrapper, this is a five reel game with 30 paylines, and a payout percentage that is set at 96.10%. This is towards the upper end, and generally any slot with 95% or higher is considered to be good value for money, so you’re more than comfortable with Life of Riches.

Having played through the majority of the Microgaming catalogue, this isn’t a standout example of the best they can do. It’s a fun slot, but it does lack in some key areas, not least in the features it provides, and the jackpot – a disappointing 250x. When you think that the maximum spin value is £15 per whirl, that takes us to a maximum win from the game of £3750 – and it would take a fair few of those to buy that luxury lifestyle.

Nevertheless, it’s still an entertaining game to play, especially if you’re just looking for something light for a quick couple of spins. Watch out for the wild and the bonus symbols in the game, which do introduce some additional features to bump up your wins. But aside from those, what else does Life of Riches hold in store that separates this game from the crowd?

Feature Symbols

So at first glance, it’s obvious that the themes are dominated by symbols of the luxury lifestyle, the kind of thing you’d no doubt expect of celebrities and multi-millionaires. But aside from the casino, the beach-side drinks, the yachts and the supercars, there are several key feature symbols that will stand you in good stead for a lucky game.

The Life of Riches Symbol: This is the wild symbol, which behaves just like you’d expect. If you’re wild runs through an otherwise complete payline, it substitutes in place of the missing symbols for any of the other value symbols. It doesn’t switch for any of the bonus symbols, but that’s par for the course with most similar slots. Any wins running through the wild benefit from a 2x multiplier.

The Jet Set Planet Symbols: This is the free spins bonus symbol, and if you turn up three or more of these on your reels, you’ll trigger the additional bonus feature. This rewards you with ten free spins at a 2x multiplier, and if you happen to run through the wild, you’ll get an addition 2x multiple to add to the pile. That means your winnings from the free spins round, where they run through a wild at least, will be totalled at 4x the regular amount, which is where some of the bigger in-game wins come from. You can even retrigger the free spins bonus if you land an additional three of these symbols during your free spins, which can be a nice way to keep the momentum up when you’re winning.

Winning The Jackpot

When it comes to winning the jackpot, you’re wanting to line up 5 of the casino girl symbols. In the base game, this pays at 100, while in the free spins round, this pays at 200, which is the game’s notional jackpot. There’s also the chance to amplify these winnings with the help of a wild, which has the effect of doubling the prize (or a quadrupled base prize if it occurs during free spins). There isn’t any singular bigger jackpot than that in the game, but that’s often offset by regular, smaller wins which can soon add up to something bigger.

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Let’s face it, who doesn’t want a Life of Riches? This slot adequately sells the dream, and while it’s by no means the highest paying, most attractive or most enjoyable slot from Microgaming, it does pack a hefty punch. If you’re a fan of finding new slot games or you enjoy playing lavish lifestyle themed slots, this could be the game for you. Check out Life of Riches today, right here at PartyCasino.

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