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JetX 3 Online Review

It’s only fair to start this review of JetX 3 with a mention of what came before it because the original game, of which Jet X 3 is a sequel, was a rip-roaring success. When it hit online casinos in 2019, it was incredibly well received and potentially did even better than many expected it to.

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But, as always, when a game is so successful, there comes a time when a development studio such as SmartSoft Gaming wants to build on that success and give players a new and improved version of the original. And that’s precisely what’s happening here with Jet X 3.

You could suggest that when the original JetX dropped, it revolutionised online casino gaming somewhat. And now, Jet X 3 is here to do it all again. But what’s new, we hear you ask? Well, there are more “jets” and more features, and you’ll need to keep your wits about you as there will be more crashes too.

If you're entirely new to the JetX concept and have no idea what we’re talking about, it’s as straightforward a game as they come, so you’ll pick things up in no time. Essentially, a punter will be placing a bet on a jet before it leaves the runaway. And, as the jet climbs through the sky, the value of the prize up for grabs is going to increase. But, at any moment, the jet can, unfortunately, explode into a million pieces, so cashing out before that happens is crucial.

How to Play

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One of the reasons why the JetX series from SmartSoft Gaming is so popular is because the games, including JetX 3, are perfect for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their skill level or experience. Getting started couldn’t be easier, as a punter just fires up the game, makes their initial bet, and gets the action underway.

As the jets, which are more akin to spaceships of sorts in JetX 3, something which we will come onto shortly, take flight, the multiplier's value will increase. However, as the value of the prize up for grabs climbs, it’s crucial to remember that it can all come crashing down, so users must click Collect before this happens.

Again, this is a SmartSoft Gaming title that is going to require a player to use their decisiveness, judgement and anticipation well and at the right time. If everything is timed correctly, JetX 3 can not only be incredibly fun to play, but it can be highly gratifying too. But time things wrong, and wagers can be blasted into smithereens in seconds. The more a player practices, the better they should become at making the right decisions at the right time.

JetX vs JetX 3

JetX and JetX 3 are excellent games in their own right. But, as you will expect, there are differences between each title, especially as JetX 3 is a sequel and, therefore, a newer release. The first difference to note is that while the idea of the game, which is what makes JetX so fun, remains the same, JetX 3 is an entirely new title in its own right.

So this time, the jets that are launching are heading off into space. They still look like jets, but maybe a better fit would be to call them space jets. And you’ll notice we’re saying jets plural. Instead of there being a single jet, with the game over when it explodes, each round in JetX 3 comes with a trio of jets.

Players are effectively getting three chances of success. When the first jet explodes, the multiplier will reduce by a third. Half the multiplier will disappear when the second space jet crashes. And everything is lost when all three have been destroyed.

SmartSoft Gaming have also introduced more options to manage betting, so players now have more control over proceedings, putting them in a more favourable position.

Play JetX 3 at PartyCasino

PartyCasino is very much the home of JetX titles and SmartSoft Gaming releases. If you want to enjoy the latest JetX title, which is JetX 3, then you don’t need to go anywhere else. And users can log in and play on any device, including smartphone and desktop.

How to Play JetX 3 Slot?

Guide to play JetX 3 slot.
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Select JetX 3 Slot
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Select and place your bet size according to your budget.
Watch the Reels Spin
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Spin the reels and if you are lucky you will hit a bonus!

How much can I win?

When you play JetX 3, there are three chances to win the most money possible. But it’s determined by a player cashing out.

Which developer made JetX 3?

JetX 3 and other JetX titles are made by SmartSoft Gaming.

Can I play JetX 3 at PartyCasino?

JetX 3, JetX and any future JetX titles are and will be playable at PartyCasino.
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