Industry 2021: Mobile Gambling To Grow 19%

Industry 2021: Mobile Gambling To Grow 19%

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The arrival of mobile gaming changed the face of the gambling industry forever. Not since the dawn of online gambling had there been such a seismic shift in priorities, both for players, and for the operators vying for their business. In the decade since the first smartphones gained traction back in 2007, mobile gambling has grown astronomically, to the point where some operators are now mobile first, desktop second.

Now, according to the latest findings from industry analysts, the mobile gambling market could be set for yet more of a boost. Analysts Technavio have published a market research paper this week, examining the prospects for the mobile gambling market to 2021. The results have already set tongues wagging in the gaming sector, foretelling plenty of opportunities for operators to capitalise on growing global demand.

The news will be welcome relief for the major operators, at a time of increasing competition in the mobile gambling, and wider online gambling sectors. As new markets come on stream, and new audiences become more receptive to different types of gambling, there are new opportunities emerging for operators to take advantage of over the coming five year window.

Over the period, the report forecasts growth of 19% from today, as more gamers come on stream and learn about mobile gambling games. In particular, the report spoke to the growth in ‘gambling enthusiasts’, a subset of the overall audience that could be particularly lucrative for operators.

Lead analysts Ujjwal Doshi said that these gambling enthusiasts were amongst the most significant demographics for games operators over the period, thanks to their enthusiastic and passionate approach to their gaming.

“Gambling enthusiasts are extremely enthusiastic and passionate about gaming. They have a positive attitude towards gaming and have knowledge about the games they play. These consumers seek the entertainment value of the game over ROI for their investments. Consumers in this segment are often economically sound and tend to have a lavish lifestyle. Playing mobile gambling games can be a stress buster for them. These consumers have individualistic and liberal gaming views.”

As at 2016, Technavio estimates some 73% of the market falls into this demographic, a figure that looks only set to rise with maturing gambling markets. Added to which, the potential for more markets to come on-stream globally as new markets liberalise, plus improving technologies and innovations, means the market could be set for yet another substantial growth spurt over the next five year period.

Elsewhere in the report, Technavio noted the ongoing predominance of sports betting, with 54% of the market betting in this vertical over casino, bingo and other forms of gambling. Similarly, the analysts noted that market penetration was already high and growing worldwide.

“The rise in the number of gambling premises across the world has resulted in the high penetration of gambling, which is one of the key factors driving the market growth…The market is highly competitive and is witnessing rapid technological advances and changing consumer preferences. With the increase in competition, the market is witnessing consolidation. The influx of private labels in the market is also on the rise.”

The findings will no doubt come as positive news for gambling operators, from the big name online casino brands to the most niche providers. With a buoyant market, and a growing audience for gambling services worldwide, the bellwethers are looking positive for the medium term.

With operators now increasingly consolidating to shore up market share, and new, emerging innovations continuing to improve the offering to consumers, the conditions are primed for Technavio’s insights to materialise into reality.

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