immersive roulette

Immersive Roulette Review

Roulette is one of the all-time casino classics, and one of the most popular games both online and off. It’s been done so many times, both as video forms of roulette, and in fixed odds terminals, not to mention casino tables literally across the world. It’s come a long way from its roots in 17th century France, and today stands as probably the archetypal example of a gripping casino game.

As technologies in gaming have improved, so too have the range, style and design of roulette games and all their variations. Live gaming roulette has proven to be one of the more successful of these spin-offs, putting players in the room with a real human dealer as they spin the wheel and declare the result. But thanks to Evolution Gaming, this is a concept that has been a whole lot further with their Immersive Roulette.

Immersive Roulette is like the ultra-HD, high class equivalent of your run of the mill slot games. If you’ve liked other live roulette games you’ve played, you’re going to love this. Not only is the streaming fantastic quality, and the setting fully engaging with high class graphics and an intuitive interface – it’s actually well shot, too. There’s something cinematic about the way the game is presented, including slow motion shots, that give this the feeling of something really classy.

immersive roulette

What Makes Immersive Roulette Different

The main positive feature of Immersive Roulette is the camera angles, and the way the game is shot. When you’ve played other forms of Live Roulette, you’ve probably found it something of a struggle to make out the audio and visuals – even at their best, they’re pretty much just a single camera with some guy in a room, spinning the roulette wheel. Immersive Roulette has an altogether different feel.

The attractive, elegant dealers set the right mood for the game, in evening attire that makes you feel like you’ve just landed at a top land-based resort. The chat function is good, and interactions with the dealer make for a fun, enjoyable backdrop to the action at hand. When you consider that the software graphics are also slick, overlaid across the high resolution video feed, it;s clear this is a live game that would take some beating.

All of the hallmarks of roulette as you know it remain intact. The layout, rules and betting are all as standard, and depending on your budget, there’s usually the option to up the ante for big stakes if that’s your thing.

But the real value of this game comes in the multiple angles, all in HD, which are seamlessly edited together to give this game a truly unique presentation. If you’ve ever seen late night TV roulette, it’s actually even a step up from that in terms of quality. This is roulette taken to a whole new level, and you have to play it for yourself to truly appreciate the benefits of this version of the game.

Enjoy The Ultimate Roulette Experience at PartyCasino

It’s not everyday we cover games as high quality as Immersive Roulette, and hats off to the team at Evolution Gaming for coming up with a game that looks like a million dollars. The whole concept works really, really well, and helps lift roulette firmly into the 21st century. The only trouble is, once you’ve played this game, you’ll be spoiled to the other fantastic roulette games that are out there – good as they are, they all find it harder to compete with this level of quality.

Immersive Roulette plus a selection of other roulette games are available for you to try today, right here at PartyCasino. So take it for a spin, and see what you make of this – it could well be the future of live gaming online.

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