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If you go down to the woods today…

Day 2 of our countryside weekender will see our guests taking part in an assortment of thrilling, stimulating and (most importantly) fun daytime activities.

All of our guests will have the opportunity to take part in at least one of the following:

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Blowing away high flying clay skeets with two barrels full of bird-shot is just as challenging as hunting real life rock doves, but with far less blood and feathers. It’s also far more accessible. Participants can take part in this true blue countryside pursuit without having to leave the hotel estate or having to wait all day for the arrival of suitable targets. This activity is broken down into 15 minutes of instruction time and 4 minutes of shooting. All equipment, guns, boots and ear plugs will be provided.

Highwire Adventure

Deep in the leafy woodland that surrounds the Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire is a custom-built treetop trail. Guests taking part will scale the trees and navigate a complex web of rope bridges, high-wires and ziplines through the woods, at heights of up to 20 metres above the ground! The longest zip wire measures an astonishing 235 metres and you can also choose to descend to the ground via “The Power Fan”, a hair raising parachute simulator that lets you experience a controlled free-fall!

Gin Making Masterclass

Think you know how to blend a decent G&T? Prepare to get schooled… Quite literally. This event begins with a brief history of gin while simultaneously guiding you through a tasting session covering the three core gin-types. Armed with juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, cardamom pods, rowan berries, citrus peels and sweet almonds, you’ll be tasked with creating your own signature gin blend – even better you’ll be able to make a whole bottle of it to  take home with you.

Cocktail Masterclass

Get yourself a degree in mixology, starting with this 2 hours starter course on the basics of cocktail making. Watch and learn as the demonstration takes you through the creation of four main cocktail types, muddled cocktails (like Mojitos), built cocktails (like a Bramble), layered cocktails (like a Bay Breeze) and shaken cocktails (like a classic Cosmopolitan). Arguably the best part will be testing out your own creations!

While there probably won’t be time to try out all of these exciting activities you will get a chance to indicate your preferred activity on arrival day. Hopefully reading all this has whetted you appetite in preparation for the weekend’s festivities!

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