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  • Software: Relax Gaming
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 46656
  • Reels: 6

Those days in the early-to-mid 90s, sitting on the living room floor playing a few Nintendo games with a mate before he has to jet off home to make the family dinner. We’ll all be able to look back on those years with fondness, however that doesn’t mean that you can’t get in a few rounds of 8-bit games in the 21st century, not to mention 2020. Hellcatraz slot is just one of those things that will give you the nostalgia you crave, along with a whole heap of winning opportunities that also happen to include bonus features. Online casino action is starting to hot up, and we’re sure this spinner isn’t far off what you need for some thrills.

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Relax Gaming are back at it in a busy year for them with Hellcatraz. They’re coming off quite a heck-of-a-6 months, following two innovative titles in Temple Tumble and Money Train. The theme that the Finnish founded iGaming studio has gone for is the Nintendo 8-bit look. You definitely would have played t=console titles such as Mario Bros and Battle City, and here you have the same old-school look that will fill most players with enough nostalgia to hype them up for a record-breaking round. Even though the look is retro, you’ll still be able to jam on your mobile, allowing you to land the winnings on the go.

Youmight have been able to tell that the name is a play on the prison just off SanFrancisco called Alcatraz. Regardless, you won’t be shackled in any way becausethe maximum bet is a very manageable £20 per spin. This is a pretty largeamount for the average slots player to wager on any given spin, so high-rollerswill probably find this in sync with what they would usually go for. Theminimum bet lies at a conservative 20p per spin, so as you can tell, thewagering window attempts to accommodate all online slots players. The lastthing we’ll mention about the paytable – there’s a severe wrap sheet in thenumber of paylines. 46,656 ways to win!


Thesymbols are seriously retro in look, mostly because of the graphics. If you’reof the newer generation you might not know what we’re talking about, but do a search ofearly 90s Nintendo games – it’ll all make sense. The formula splits the symbols into lower andhigher-paying symbols, with the lower-paying being made up of shapes you’ll betaught in the lower grades of school – a diamond, a club, a heart and a star.Symbols take on more of a prison theme with the higher paying symbols. There’sa pair of handcuffs, a guard’s badge, a shark with a gold tooth, acigar-smoking convict and the hard-looking guard.

There is, to calm your nerves, a wild icon on the reels, and this one has the ability to substitute all regular symbols to create a winning combination. Basically, most online slots titles host a wild symbol.

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Bonusesand Jackpots

Whenthe game opens, you’ll see that there are two modes that you can playHellcatraz in – Lockdown Mode and Mixed mode. Now, in true Relax Gaming style,it’s never too easy to understand what precisely the studio is trying to do,even though we know it’s quite innovative. However, we can see that there arecascading reels, meaning that every win results in a respin.

Whileyou play, you’ll notice that keys can be collected, and this is extremelyimportant. Once you accumulate 2,000 coins, you’ll have triggered free spins.Do yourself a favour and play the game in both modes – you’ll see what worksbest for you.

Play Hellcatraz Slot at PartyCasino

The theme is easy enough to grasp, let alone the look and feel Relax Gaming was going for. However, Relax Gaming has a tendency to go for bonus features and added value that just seems more complicated than anything else. For experienced players this isn’t a bad thing, as it presents innovation. However, new players trying out Hellcatraz slot might just want winning opportunities, with no clutter. There’s definitely innovation here. It’s just how keen you are for something off the beaten path.