Gold Bar Roulette

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When it comes to Live Dealer Roulette games, Gold Bar Roulette is a smash above the rest, albeit nothing more than you’d expect from an industry veteran like Evolution who are renowned for their incredible selection of live games.

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Enter a vault stacked from floor to ceiling with gold bars and place your bets on a on the wheel for the chance of winning one of them. Not literally, of course, but a Gold Bar multiplier that will pay you a massive 88 x times your bet if your number comes in. Sound exciting? Read on to find out more.

Feature Symbols

The Roulette wheel at the centre of the game follows the standard European layout of 36 numbered black or red pockets and one green zero pocket. What gives it that extra edge is the addition of the Gold Bar multipliers.

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The studio where the game takes place adds to the atmosphere as it has the feel of a high-security vault of the type you see filled with gold bullion in the films. There are safes scattered around the floor, which the dealer will open to reveal their contents of even more gold bars.

The game starts out as a standard live roulette game; just enter the game, choose your number or numbers, place your bet and wait for the wheel to stop spinning.

Wins pay out cash, and if you bet on the winning number, you'll also get a gold bar. Not a real one, unfortunately, but a representation that is actually an 88 x multiplier.

You can use these immediately or save them for later, but winning one or more can give you some hefty payouts in subsequent rounds.

Gold Bar Roulette Bonuses and Jackpots

Gold Bar Roulette Gold Bars - partycasino

There are payouts for all wins in Gold Bar Roulette, and all the standard betting options for European roulette are on the table in this game. Payouts on the bets are as follows.

Straight up – 24:1

Split – 17:1

Street – 11:1

Corner – 8:1

Line – 5:1

Dozen/Column – 2:1

Red/Black – 1:1

Even/Odd – 1:1

Low/High – 1:1

The special bonus Gold Bars pay an 88 x multiplier of your bet if you wager on them and win. You can also place both chips and a Gold Bar for the chance of an even bigger win. The only thing to keep in mind is that Gold Bars can only be placed on straight-up bets. If you're not familiar with roulette terminology, that means bets on a single number to win. These have the lowest odds of any wager in roulette at 36 to 1.

Learn How to Play Gold Bar Roulette

A brief guide on how to play Gold Bar Roulette.
Join PartyCasino
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Create an account with PartyCasino.
Select Gold Bar Roulette
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Choose Gold Bar Roulette from the game menu.
Place your Bet
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Select your casino chips and black your bets on the roulette table.
Watch the Roulette Wheel Spin.
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The Dealer will spin the wheel and with a bit of luck you will hit a winning number.

Play Gold Bar Roulette at PartyCasino

If you found XXXtreme Lightning Roulette exciting, you've got to try Gold Bar Roulette Live! This is sure to be a hit in a fast-paced roulette game with Gold Bars and massive multipliers. And you can play live here at PartyCasino. So head over to our Live Casino section and find out what all the hype is about for yourself! Good Luck!

Can I Play Gold Bar Roulette at PartyCasino?

Yes, you can play Gold Bar Roulette at PartyCasino.

Who makes the Gold Bar Roulette game?

Gold Bar Roulette is brought to you by Evolution.

How do I get to the bonus round?

There is no bonus round, but winning Gold Bars will give you fantastic multipliers.
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