german gambling spend

Gambling Advertising Spend on the Up in Germany

german gambling spend

Gambling companies are facing stiffer competition to attract repeat players and casino members. With competition so fierce and the industry booming, it is no surprise that gambling outfits are having to throw more money into their marketing campaigns. In fact, the German gambling market has seen a significant rise in the amount of money being spent on advertising – verified by Research Tools, a respected research consultancy.

What Did the Research Say?

The report claims that gambling advertisements across Germany have risen in the last five years by as much as three times the amount in previous years. The research used digital records held by AdVision and found that the rise equated to a total spend in excess of 400 million euros from May 2018 and May 2019. Reasons for such large numbers being reserved into gambling advertising in Germany have identified online casinos as a major factor.

Online casino advertisements increased by over 70 million euros each year. This excels the speed at which other niches of gambling advertisement are growing, with sports betting only accounting for 20% of the total advertising spend in the year 2018-2019.

Private Vs State Gambling Advertising

Private operators clearly spend a lot more on gambling marketing in Germany. Lottery companies are some of the biggest players in state gambling but these only accounted for as much as 10% of the whole advertising spend and other state gambling companies accounting for just 5% of it. Comparing these figures to private gambling companies advertising budgets and there is no match.

Further Breakdown of Results

When you look further into the research, it explains that the year was dominated by 64 different brands advertising gambling options to the market. This was a rise of 17 new brands from the previous year. 12 of the 64 spent more than 10 million euros on gambling advertising. Considering fact this against the fact that only five of the brands accounted for 50% of all advertising spending, and it paints a picture of the competitive Germany gambling scene. Wunderino and Unibet were two brands that revved up the marketing engines this year.

Where Did They Advertise?

The research analysed advertisements that were in newspapers, magazines, journals, radio programmes, websites and television. Operators much preferred to advertise on television, which made up 80% of all marketing attempts by the gambling outfits. Television ads often included famous sports stars such as German hero Oliver Kahn and world-famous faces like Maradona.

Germany Set for Stricter Licensing

Germany is set to implement a treaty that could make gambling more difficult in the country. The treaty would ban unlicensed casinos, in-play gambling, enforce a new tax and also set monthly gambling limits. PayPal has even adjusted their terms and conditions to prevent players from using online casinos in Germany unlawfully. How will this impact advertising next year? We’ll wait to find out.