european roulette

European Classic Roulette

Roulette is often depicted as the height of glamour, the most thrilling of all classic casino table games. James Bond sat at the roulette table, placing his bets on red or black – all in the interests of national security, of course. Euro Roulette Classic from Win Interactive might not be quite the real thing, but it’s probably about as close as you can get.

Based on the traditional European roulette wheel, this is a game that combines impressive graphics and a realistic feel to bring online players into the heart of the action. Feel like you’re in a real casino, replete with plush carpets, a 3D view of the wheel and the table, and atmospheric lighting that could see you at home in any of the world’s largest gambling resorts.

european roulette

The game mechanics are perhaps what you would expect from a European roulette game, with the standard 37-slot wheel and the usual array of bets on offer. When the ball stops bouncing and the wheel stops spinning, you could find yourself winning up to 35x your bet for a correct number. For any roulette fan, this offering from the team at Win Interactive is well worth checking out, and you can do that right here at partycasino.

How European Classic Works

The game works much like any regular roulette game. Players choose from a range of available bets, decide on their stake, and spin the wheel to determine the result. While it’s simple enough on the face of things, any avid roulette player will testify to the complexity involved – particularly when it comes to deciding how much to bet, which types of bet to pull and how to manage your bankroll.

As virtual versions of roulette go, Euro Classic Roulette feels as close to the real thing as you can imagine – but with all the advantages a video game can bring. That means there’s no hanging about, and if you choose, you can spin time after time without delay thanks to features like ‘Rebet and Spin’ and the ‘Instant’ play mode.

When the ball comes to rest on a number, you are paid out according to the same rate paid at a real-life European roulette table. Depending on your bet, you can win anywhere from 1x up to 35x your stake on that spin. The equivalent notional payout of Euro Roulette Classic stands at over 97.30%.

Place Your Bets

Just as with standard European roulette in any land-based casino, this game allows you to choose from a number of different types of bets, against the actual numerical outcome of the spin of the wheel.

roulette bets

Straight: Pick any single number, land it and win 35x on your stake. It’s a long shot, but one or two of these bets at a time can be a good part of a pattern of multiple bets per spin.

Split: When you stick a chip in the middle of two numbers, you’re playing for the split. It comes with a return of 17:1, but you’ve got 2x the chances of landing a win on a given spin.

Street: Take out three numbers by placing your ship at the end of a row. This bet pays out at 11:1 if it lands in your favour.

Square: Covering the centre of any square of four numbers will pay out if any of those numbers appear, paying at odds of 8:1.

Topline: A bet on 0,1,2 or 3 – literally the top line. Pays at the same odds as a square bet – 8:1 is available if you win this bet.

Line: Cover six numbers from two streets by placing your chip in between them at the end of the line. If this bet comes up, you can still expect to return at 5:1.

Dozen: Pick any of the three available dozens. If the ball comes to rest anywhere within that dozen, you’re a winner. Pays 2:1

Column: Cover twelve numbers at a time by placing your chips at the bottom of the table on the ‘2:1’ marker. Unsurprisingly, this pays out at 2:1 if any of your numbers appear.

Binaries: Red or Black, Odd or Even, first half or second half. These are binary bets where you either win at 1:1 or lose. The zero isn’t included – that represents the house edge on these bets.


Instant and Rebet & Spin

If you’re looking to get as many spins in as possible, or you simply can’t be bothered waiting for the game to physically spin the wheel with every bet, it’s possible to speed up the action, thanks to a couple of neat features. The Instant feature delivers an instant result, cutting out the time it takes to simulate the spinning of the roulette wheel – often a bugbear of those playing in more rigid game formats, where each spin can take anywhere from 30-60 seconds. Or, if you want to keep the same bets and wagers for your next spin, you can simply hit Rebet & Spin to carry on with the action without any further delay.

Statistics Window

Another cool feature of use in the game is the Statistics Window, which shows details of the last numbers drawn. Unless you bring a pen and paper to the casino, you won’t get this in Vegas – in fact, you’d probably be shown the door post haste. Here, you’ve got access to full statistics for a series of prior spins, which you can factor in when making a judgement about how to place your bets going forward. They might not guarantee the numbers coming next, but many roulette players do find this to be a helpful feature for their gaming.

Play Euro Roulette Classic at PartyCasino

If you’re a fan of roulette, Win Interactive’s Euro Roulette Classic is a game you should definitely play sooner rather than later. With the full range of bets available, the gameplay and atmosphere is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. It’s arguably the in-game experience where Euro Roulette comes into its own and all you have to do is go to our online roulette page and start playing. From the graphics and sounds through to neat features like Instant Play and the Statistics Window, it’s like the real thing – only better. Take Euro Roulette Classic for a spin today at PartyCasino.

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