Crazy Coin Flip

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Crazy Coin Flip Review

Evolution has done it again with their latest game Crazy Coin Flip. This time they’ve created another world-class live gaming experience with a superb mash-up of online slots and live dealer action.

Spin your way through the qualifying rounds to collect multipliers and get to the Coin Flip bonus round! Here you’ll have the chance to take all those multipliers you’ve already scooped up, and multiply them by even more!

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To get to the Coin Flip round, where the live action takes place, you'll first have to spin through two fast-paced, nail-biting slot rounds, the qualifying slot round and the heart-thumping Against-the-Clock Top Up slot round. All the time being entertained by a professional live host who eggs the action on with their commentary. This is one game that's sure to appeal to lovers of both slots and live casino.

Feature Symbols

This Evolution Gaming release starts out with the qualifying round, where you need to land three scatters on a single spin to progress to the Coin Flip bonus round.

This round is played on a real slot machine with a standard 5 reel 3 row setup. The symbols on the reels are all card ranks from Jack to Ace. But these won’t give you any payouts themselves. They are just there to take up room.

What you really want to see is the game logo, which acts as a Scatter. Some of these will have multipliers attached between 2x and 10x. These are added together and used to boost your winnings in the Coin Flip. If you manage to qualify, that is.

If you’re the impatient type, you’ll be glad to know that you can speed up the spins in this round, but it will cost you. There are three spin settings, normal, XXXtreme, and Super XXXtreme.

You start by selecting your bet level in normal mode, and this will be the amount used to calculate your winnings. If you want to get things moving faster, you can choose XXXtreme mode at a cost of 5 times your base bet. This will also guarantee you one scatter per spin.

If things are still too slow for your liking, upgrade to Super XXXtreme mode, which will give you two guaranteed scatters for a cost of 50 times your base bet.

Bonuses and Jackpots

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After you’ve got through the qualifying round, you enter the timed Top-Up phase where you have a chance to boost your multipliers. Here. you’re playing on a 3 reel, 3-row slot. This will spin red or blue coins with multiplier amounts on them on the reel. Three of the same colour on the middle row will win you the sum of the multipliers displayed on the winning coins. After your time is up, you’ll go to the Coin Flip.

The Coin Flip round is where it all comes together, and the host takes over the action. First, and much like the original Crazy Time game bonus itself, a random multiplier is generated for each side of the red/blue coin (up to 100x). Then all the multipliers you've collected so far are added to one side of the coin or the other, depending on their colour. Multipliers won from Scatters in the qualifying rounds apply to both sides.

The host then pulls a lever and flips the coin. The side that faces up when it lands is the winner, and the multipliers will be applied to your base bet to determine your winnings.

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Play Crazy Coin Flip at PartyCasino

Crazy Coin Flip takes the best of online slots and live dealer games and combines them into one action-packed adventure. This latest masterpiece by Evolution is available right here at PartyCasino, so why not check it out today!

How To Play Crazy Coin Flip

Learn how to play the latest Evolution release - Crazy Coin Flip.
Join PartyCasino
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Create an account with PartyCasino
Select Crazy Coin Flip
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Choose Crazy Coin Flip from the game menu.
Place your Bet
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Choose your bet amount and start spinning those reels.
Reach the Bonus Round
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If you hit three scatters, welcome to the bonus round.

Can I play Crazy Coin Flip at PartyCasino?

Yes, Crazy Coin Flip is available to play at PartyCasino.

Who makes the Crazy Coin Flip online game?

Crazy Coin Flip is a game by Evolution Gaming, the creators of the original Crazy Time casino game.

How do I get to the bonus round?

The bonus round will trigger once you land a bonus symbol on Reel 2, Reel 3 and Reel 4 at the same time.
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