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poker cards
March 23, 2018

Film Review: Rounders

Poker always makes for an engaging watch There’s something in the tension and pressure of the reveal that makes poker an excellent backdrop for...
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rain man
March 7, 2018

Film Review: Rain Man

Rain Man is one of a rare class of films where even people who haven’t seen it understand the story, could probably name the lead actor, and...
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Film Casino
February 19, 2018

Film review: Casino

The 1995 classic gambling movie Casino sees director Martin Scorsese returning to tried and tested ground Moving on from the likes of Cape Fear, or...
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mark wahlberg
February 18, 2018

Film review: The Gambler

Hollywood has a knack for the remake, and particularly in the last five to ten years, it seems that every second film that’s released has been...