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Boom City Live Game Review

Pragmatic Play is back with a new live game show. Boom City features a handful of different engaging features, all of which we will look at in this review. Like with other live games by Pragmatic Play, there are additional mini-games and features for players to enjoy. In total, Boom City has three bonus modes, all of which revolve around dice. 

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As we touched on earlier, Boom City is not the first live game show that Pragmatic Play has produced. They have had some other highly rated titles in the past, including the likes of Sweet Bonanza Candyland, Mega Roulette, and Mega Wheel. The provider also offers classic live casino games, such as Roulette and different variations of Blackjack.

To play Boom City, players make a bet on up to 6 different selections. These selections are represented on a 6x6 board, creating 36 squares in total. After the betting period is over, two dice will be rolled to determine which square on the board is the winner. The first dice will reference the column, with the second dice correlating to the row. After each round, the layout of the board is mixed randomly, too.

Players can get started over at Boom City Live with a minimum of 0.10 per round. The maximum potential win sits at 20,000x the bet size, with possible winnings being capped at 500,000.

Featured Symbols

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The featured symbols in Boom City are fairly simple. To start, there are the three different fixed value multipliers that players can bet on. Multipliers are 1x, 2x, and 5x, which will award accordingly should the dice land on any of those selections. There is also a power boost symbol, shown in green, which will increase the potential multipliers on the board.

‘Bust’ symbols are the squares that players will want to avoid. Should the dice land on this selection, then all bets will be considered lost. Bust symbols appear as red crosses on the play board. Finally, there are squares for each bonus, which are covered in detail below.

Bonuses And Jackpots

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In Boom City, there are three different bonuses; Dice Battle, Lucky Drop, and Boom or Bust. Within Dice Battle, players can either select the blue side or the gold side. Three rolls then occur for each colour, and the side with the highest total is awarded and named the winner. In the event of a tie, both selections will be awarded.

Next up is Lucky Drop. During this mode, players are asked to choose any of the six possible numbers on the dice. Each number will have four different multiplier numbers, which progressively get larger towards the top. After players have made their selection, two dice will be rolled a total of three times each. If the dice lands on the selected number, the bottom multiplier will drop and be applied to the bet on the 'Lucky Drop' selection. This can happen a maximum of 4 times, which will award the highest potential multiplier for the selected number. 

The final bonus is Boom or Bust. During this mode, 6 columns will be shown, each representing a different number on the dice. Some of these squares will contain multipliers, while some will contain ‘Bust’ symbols. As players climb the board, they will encounter higher potential multipliers, but more ways to bust. After each roll, players can choose to play the next round, or be awarded based on the previous multiplier. Potential multipliers will be applied to the bet on the ‘Boom or Bust’ selection exclusively.

Play Boom City Live At PartyCasino

In conclusion, Boom City Live is perhaps one of the most innovative live casino games that Pragmatic Play has ever released. It is relatively fast-paced when compared to some of the other games they’ve produced in the past, with the bonus rounds helping to keep players engaged during every spin!

Is Boom City Live available to play online at PartyCasino?

Yes, Boom City is just one of the popular live casino games that is available to play at PartyCasino.

Which provider made Boom City Live?

Boom City Live was produced by Pragmatic Play.

How do players get the bonus in Boom City?

To enter one of the bonus rounds, players must lay a bet on either ‘Dice Battle’, ‘Lucky Drop’, or ‘Boom or Bust’ and have the dice land on the selected outcome.
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