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Balloon Online Slot Review

Balloon, a game from the development team SmartSoft Gaming, is undoubtedly one of the most unique online casino-type offerings we have come across in a long while. And we believe this will be the same for you, the reader, too. You see, it’s not a video slot or a table game. Instead, it’s a piece of content that delivers the same excitement levels but in an entirely unique way.

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Of course, when a game is called Balloon, you’re going to expect to see a balloon at some point. And it won’t come as too much of a surprise that a balloon is very much the star of the show here. But, before we come onto the premise, we must say that this is a game that fits the simple but effective approach as well as any other. Balloon is a game for everyone and anyone.

So, as everyone knows, what you naturally do with a balloon is blow it up right. But, as you add air to the balloon, you’re going to keep an eye on how big it’s growing because the worst thing that can happen is that you blow it up too much, and it ends up popping with an almighty bang. Well, the premise of Balloon by SmartSoft Gaming is the same. But there’s money on the line, and this is where the excitement comes into play.

You see, in this online casino game, it’s all about allowing the balloon on the screen to expand as much as possible, but with a need to prevent it from bursting and going bang. Because when that happens, any wagers in play will be lost. It’s some creative thinking from SmartSoft, and it’s also a game that everyone can relate to because who hasn’t blown up a balloon before?

How to Play

When you load up Balloon at an online casino, you’re not going to see reels and paylines. But, akin to what you usually see with slots, there will be wagering options on the screen, and they range from 10p up to £10. So, the first thing to do is work out how much you want to bet.

When you’ve settled on a wagering amount, the bright pink button is what you needt o click. Now, bear in mind that with every press of this button, the balloon will grow in size and change in colour. When a punter stops increasing the size of the balloon, a timer will appear, and now it’s the stage where a player must anticipate how long they can leave the balloon before it pops. Leave it too long, and it will go with a right royal bang.

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Bonus Features

In terms of bonus features in Balloon, it’s how the game plays that is crucial. And it’s also why it’s so popular. Of course, there is luck involved, as there is with every online casino game out there. However, Balloon by SmartSoft Gaming will also test a player’s anticipation, patience and decisiveness.

When punters play Balloon, they’re aiming for the biggest wins, right? It’s the same with any form of gambling. And there are massive wins of up to 30,000x the bet up for grabs per round. However, it’s not always going to be the case that this comes to fruition.

To win in Balloon, a punter must release the balloon before it pops. And you may think this is easy. But when you feel a big win could be on the cards, it sometimes makes letting go a challenge. And depending on how confident a player is, there is also the option to increase the wager in a three-second window after releasing the balloon, which adds to the excitement.

Play Balloon Slot at PartyCasino

Balloon is one of the most unique casino games on the market right now, and the SmartSoft Gaming release is available to play and enjoy at PartyCasino. It’s the ideal piece of content for those who may wish to take a slight break from the more traditional video slots and table games.

How to Play Balloon Slot?

Guide to play Balloon slot.
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Create an account with PartyCasino.
Select Balloon Slot
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Select the Balloon slot from the game menu.
Place Your Bet
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Select and place your bet size according to your budget.
Watch the Reels Spin
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Spin the reels and if you are lucky you will hit a bonus!

Who created Balloon?

Balloon was created by the development team SmartSoft gaming, who are renowned for thinking outside of the box with their work.

Can I play the game at PartyCasino?

You can play Balloon and other SmartSoft Gaming releases at PartyCasino.

How much can I win?

With each round, the maximum win is a huge 30,000x the bet.