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ave caesar

Ave Caesar is a fun new slot game from Blueprint Gaming; set in Ancient Rome the game’s bright, bold and cartoonish aesthetic and content are a call back to the classic Asterix and Obelix comic strips first created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.

It’s this tongue-in-cheek slapstick style that results in this game featuring skinny Roman legionaries who can barely lift hold their crossbows straight while aiming for bonus targets, rampaging Gauls, a potion mixing druid and a Caesar character who more interested in conquests in the bedroom than on the battlefield…

The game itself is set against a Roman city forum backdrop, packing in a couple of pantheon-style temples and a tall, gracefully arching aqueduct that stretches off in to the middle-distance. The reels themselves sit in a very unobtrusive slim-line gold frame with also most fully transparent reel symbols allowing full visibility of the detailed city backdrop.

Gameplay follows an average 5 x 3 reel set with bold, stylised roman numerals denoting the lower value symbols and a weedy roman legionary, a buxom roman noble-woman, Centurion Maximus, a golden “Ave Caesar” icon and Caesar himself founding out the collection of high value symbols.

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Ave Caesar also contains a staggering amount of bonus features, including four randomly triggered features during normal play and another four different bonus games available through the initial bonus triggering. All those exciting high-paying features come at a price though as Ace Caesar’s theoretical RTP (return to player) stands at a somewhat miserly 93.00%.

Feature Symbols

With four of Ave Caesar’s features launching from random triggers during gameplay there’s few additional feature symbols, in fact this game relies on a pretty standard “Wild” and “Bonus” symbol combo.

As well as being the highest value symbol in the game (5 in line will repay 1,000x your stake!) the Golden Caesar portrait symbol is wild, allowing it to connect and complete adjacent chains of symbols for even more wins.

The game’s bonus feature comes into play when revealing 3 SPQR Bonus symbols, one in each of the available reels (1, 3 and 5). A trio of these golden eagle symbols will initially reward you with one of the Ave Caesars’s four bonus games—but before that starts you will have the option either accept the game given or gamble on the aim of the roman legionary. He’ll fire an arrow at the remaining higher paying bonus games and if he hits you’ll receive one of those instead. If he misses then you miss out on any bonus game and will only receive a smaller consolation payment.

So what are the possible bonus games in Ave Caesar? Caesar’s Conquests see’s Caesar on the prowl for harlots in his Army’s tents. Pick tents and collect cash for each tent containing a willing wench. The game ends when you send the amorous Caesar into a tent with a surprised soldier instead of a girl.

ave caesar bonus

Glory of Rome is a Free Spins bonus game that awards 10 Free Spins. Wilds in this game mode are temporarily sticky and ‘Plus 1’ symbols in the fifth reel will add extra spins to your stack.

The Roman Empire bonus has you selecting new territories on a map for Caesar’s army to march into. Each battle won adds to your winnings and you can keep picking new land s to conquer until your army has been dealt enough causalities to make you stop.

The final bonus is the Druid Free Spins round where you’re given 10 Free Spins with an added power mixed together in the druid’s cauldron. Added powers can include Doubling Wilds, low value ‘I’ and ‘II’ numeral symbols can be turned wild, normal wilds can be made sticky for the duration of the Free Spins or you can even get a completely wild reel that moves across the reels. And if that weren’t enough, Potion symbols revealed during Druid Free Spins will add either extra spins, an instant win or a multiplier!

Bonuses and Jackpots

During normal gameplay you can also benefit from a number of special events that are randomly triggered. Hannibal’s Heroes sees war elephants charge across the screen knocking extra wilds down into place; The Gaul’s buddies launch boulders at the reels transforming symbols to match up; Centurion Maximus calls up legionaries into formations on matching symbols and Caesar himself gives you a choice of either a big instant win, a guaranteed 5-of-a-kind or one of the four bonus games.

We should also mention that at PartyCasino, Ave Caesar is party of the Jackpot King selection of games. This mean that any and all spins on this game can trigger one of three discreet Jackpots each one worth thousands!

Play Ave Caesar at PartyCasino

Ave Caesar is an incredibly detailed, beautiful and fun game with stack of character and piles of features to keep you engaged. Despite its disappointing RTP percentage we’d still recommend taking it for a test spin and seeing just what all those bonus features can do for yourself. So give Ave Caesar a go at PartyCasino today — you can even take it for a trial run in free play mode if you want.

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