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3 charms crush

The craze for sickly-sweet mobile games reached its peak with the likes of Candy Crush Saga. The developers of these simple matching games have become significant companies in their own right, such is the popularity of pairing up cartoon symbols to make matching combinations. This is clearly something iSoftBet have had in mind when they developed 3 Charms Crush. Except here, the key difference is there’s money on the line.

The game is set up across a 5×5 grid, with the majority of the reel positions occupied by colourful ‘charms’. It’s all set against a kind of cartoon-farmyard backdrop, and your mission is to line up matching coloured charms anywhere on the game’s five paylines with each spin. There are only in fact three different symbols you can match – green, purple and yellow. This makes it a more straightforward game than many other modern slots, although it’s no less fun.

There’s also the option to build up multipliers as you play through, by collecting sufficient numbers of matching symbols. A running count is kept to the right of the screen, which can come in handy for boosting your wins potential later on in your spin session.

Interestingly, there’s very little in the way of added features or extra symbols, and you could say this shares more in common with mobile matching games, rather than casino slots. However, when you consider that there is a jackpot of 500x up for grabs, it’s clear the similarities only extend so far.

Players choose how much they want to bet per spin, with the range starting at £0.05-£5.00 per whirl. While this might not sound much for those with higher bankrolls, considering the 500x jackpot, plus the wins available in-game, it’s clear there are still some decent returns available if you land those lucky spins.

The RTP, or return to player percentage, is particularly strong in 3 Charm Crush, standing at an impressive 97.23%. Anything north of 95% is considered to be a high paying slot, so iSoftBet have smashed it with this one. This means the game pays out more money over the long-term than other comparable slots, which is always a bonus.

5 of a kind

Feature Symbols

There are no feature symbols in 3 Charms Crush – only the three value symbols that you see on the reels. With just three value symbols, even that’s a lot leaner than you expect from a modern slots game. But it’s just the way the game is setup.

As a result, there are no bonus rounds, or wild symbols to help you on your way.

Bonuses & Jackpots

However, that doesn’t mean the game stops there. The multipliers are the main bonus element in the game, and they can still help you boost winning spins as you play.

3 charms crush multiplier bonus

The multipliers are indicated to the right and left of the reels, and you need to match horizontal combinations on these lines in order to benefit from them. The multipliers range from 1x to 5x, so there’s up to 5x the combination win to be won when you land multipliers on the bottom row.

The jackpot, at 500x, means there’s up to £2,500 to be won with a jackpot spin.

Play 3 Charms Crush Slot at PartyCasino

3 Charm Crush will appeal to those who enjoy mobile matching games with similar names and themes, but it’s also a decent enough slot in its own right. You’ll find plenty of winning potential here, with the high RTP and decent jackpot amount. While it’s easy to play and there’s not much depth, it’s still worth a spin every now and again.

Check it out for yourself and play 3 Charms Crush today, right here at PartyCasino.

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