10 Popular Gadgets that Nobody Wants to Buy Anymore

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Improvements in technology have kicked some of our most used gadgets to the curb. Unless you are a nostalgic soul or trying to confuse the young-uns, it is unlikely that you still own these ten gadgets anymore. You’ll be surprised at how many everyday devices have already been replaced by 2020.

1.   MP3 Players

mp3 player

Who listens to music on an MP3 anymore? Don’t even get us started on a Walkman. The modern way of downloading and listening to music is through our smartphone and due to iTunes and other similar platforms, that isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

2.   Vehicle GPS Devices

Remember when we had to get from A to B with a vehicle GPS device – and remember the annoyance of having to update it after new roads were made and others were closed off? Thankfully our smartphones again have converted into GPS devices with apps and Google Maps taking us places instead.

3.   Game Boys

game boy

These handheld gaming devices are not the only gaming platform to be pretty much abolished. Instead of playing Pokémon on the Game Boy we can catch them using our smartphone and Augmented Reality in Pokémon Go. But we are also using our smartphones to play other social games on apps and even casino games like online roulette and blackjack.

4.   BlackBerry Smartphones

We should probably hold our horses here. The craze of Blackberry phones and asking for your mate’s BB pin might not be entirely over. A new Blackberry device is entering the market in the coming months, and it may have us all buying them like it is 2010 again.

5.   DVD Players

dvd player

Watching films doesn’t rely on Channel 4 or renting DVDs anymore. Although some of the old guard still prefer to watch DVDs, most of us have converted to a Netflix or other streaming subscriptions.

6.   Landline Home Phones


It is not to say that we don’t own home phones anymore or even use them at all, but internet searches for broadband packages without line rental are on the increase. Most people don’t see the need for having a home landline and want to avoid any nuisance callers.

7.   External Hard Drives

hard drive

This one will divide opinion, especially by busy office dwellers who have to juggle lots of files. Yet, most people have converted to some sort of cloud subscription or updated their Dropbox accounts. Memory is creeping down on even the best new laptops making us have to get creative with where we keep additional files.

8.   CDs


Music is an interesting topic when it comes to gadgets we don’t use anymore. We might not be buying CDs like we used to, but some of us are returning to using vinyl records.

9.   Video Recorder

video recorder

Some of us may still own a DVD player, but anyone who owns a video recorder probably has it safely stored in the attic with a layer of dust and their old Blackberry phone.

10. Convertibles

Convertibles used to be cool, but are they really that cool anymore? All the best supercars and sports vehicles seem to have abandoned the convertible design.