10 Favourite UK Snacks We Can’t Buy Anymore

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Looking back at snacks you can’t find in the UK anymore can create a lot of smiles and ‘oh yes’ moments. Prepare to engage your nostalgia as we take a walk down a chocolate-filled memory lane.

1.   Galaxy Truffle (Celebrations Tin)

galaxy truffles

As families sat down for Christmas in 2011, they were shocked to find the Galaxy Truffle chocolate had been discontinued today. Often the truffle was the chocolate you would have to search through empty wrapping papers to unearth. Forums to this day still debate why it has been left out.

2.   Diet Coke Lemon

Although not strictly a snack, it is still a crime that the Diet Coke lemon drink was removed from UK shelves in 2006. Don’t be too upset if you really love this drink as it is still available in other areas of the world, mostly South America.

3.   Campino Strawberry and Cream


Do you remember those small circular Campino sweets that tasted of strawberries and cream? They were a UK favourite for over four decades and then disappeared in the 2000s. Why? Your guess is as good as ours.

4.   White Choc Maltesers

white maltesers

Maltesers are supposed to be a pack of chocolates that are shared, but nobody was sharing the white chocolate variety when they came out. And nobody is sharing them today because they have been discontinued since 2014.

5.   Heinz Baked Beans Pizza

Heinz Baked Beans Pizza

Heinz is the fourth biggest distributor of pizzas in the UK, and although their cheesy baked beans pizza will have Italians outraged, it was a hit in the UK. Settling down with a baked beans pizza for a movie, the big game, or while playing online casino games is now a thing of the past.

6.   Cartoonies


Cartoonies were small round biscuits filled with chocolate and a cartoon image stamped on the outside. They were a lunchbox treasure back in the 90s. Has anyone seen them since?

7.   Kit Kat Senses

kitkat senses

Kit Kat’s Senses chocolate bar was made famous by the girl band, Girls Aloud. Their famous TV advert told us how good they were, and although it was creative marketing, they weren’t wrong. It’s a pity they haven’t been available to buy since 2008.

8.   Extra Sheets

Extra chewing gum is by no means a novelty even today. But one product from this company got us talking. Those Extra Thin Sheets which acted as a new type of gum and dissolved in your mouth to keep your breath fresh were extremely popular. But they haven’t been on the shelves for years. 

9.   Cadbury Snowflake

snow flake

Cadbury Snowflake bars were a hit amongst people who liked the combination of milk and white chocolate. The bars had a strange lifespan and were renamed Cadbury Flake Snow for no known logical reason in 2003. And then in 2008, they were stopped altogether. Were they not as popular as we thought?

10. Cadbury Astros


Cadbury Astros were like smarties. They came in a small box and were chocolate covered in a coloured outer layer. If you really miss them, you can jump on a plane and still buy them in South Africa.