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Survey on Hologram Concerts in 2023

Hologram concerts are not an entirely new concept but have entered a new era through advancements in light, sound, and stage technology, for holographic and virtual concepts.

After ABBA’s success with their virtual ‘Voyage’ show in London, England, and the announcement to bring the holographic experience on tour around the world, this could be the starting point for music fans to experience new forms of performances and shows from their favourite artists.

A survey was conducted by PartyCasino Canada on 21 March 2023, where 1000 Canadians answered 14 questions on their views, experiences, and expectations of hologram concerts, and what artists they would like to see featured in concert-like environments.

The full results are presented below and here is an overview of the main topics:

General view on hologram concerts

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Which statement below best describes your opinion on hologram concerts?

Answers (%)
I think it is exciting and a new interesting form of entertainment that is here to stay 47,10%
I would like to experience a hologram concert to form an opinion about it 35,80%
I am skeptical and will most likely not attend a hologram concert in the near future 17,10%

Paying for streamed concerts

Have you watched a live concert/music festival streamed online (not pre-recorded): 

Answers (%)
Yes, I have watched a live show streamed online 44,80%
Yes, I have watched a music festival streamed online 40,70%
No 14,50%

Have you paid for a live concert/music festival streamed online (not pre-recorded):

Answers (%)
Yes, I have paid for live-streamed concerts several times 45,70%
No, but I would if the price was right and the artist was to my liking 30,30%
No, and I am not considering it 16,50%
Yes I did, but will most likely not do it again 7,50%
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Paying for hologram concerts

What is the most you would pay to see your favourite artist or band in a hologram concert? 

Answers (%)
CA$100-124 20,30%
CA$75-99 19,40%
CA$25-74 16,60%
CA$10-24 14,40%
CA$125-149 13,10%
CA$149+ 8,20%
CA$0-9 8,00%

Attending other types of holographic events

If there was a touring hologram package with several performances included from multiple artists or bands, like a festival, would you be interested in attending? 

Answers (%)
I would be interested in the experience, as a new type of event 56,60%
I would be interested if the line-up was of interest to me 33,80%
I would most likely not be interested in a hologram festival 9,60%

Would you be interested in attending a holographic show or presentation for any of the following formats:

I would not be interested in this

I would be interested if it was available for free

I would pay a small amount to attend (under CA$10)

I would pay the amount similar to a movie ticket

I would pay the amount similar to a concert ticket

Art exhibitions
11.10% 27.20% 20.00% 24.70% 17.00%

10.60% 21.40% 18.70% 29.50% 19.80%

Theatre plays
11.50% 21.40% 19.80% 28.60% 18.70%

Fashion shows
19.40% 22.40% 15.50% 23.10% 19.60%

Historical persons (speeches, interviews, readings of diaries, their own work or similar)
15.00% 23.20% 20.00% 26.50% 15.30%
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Venues for hologram concerts

If the location was not a problem, what venue would you prefer for a hologram concert:

Answers (%)
Rogers Centre, Toronto (49 000 estimated capacity) 11,70%
Air Canada Centre, Toronto (19 300 estimated capacity) 10,80%
BC Place Stadium, Vancouver (54 000 estimated capacity) 10,30%
Budweiser Gardens, London, Ontario (10 000 estimated capacity) 7,90%
Bell Centre, Montreal (21 000 estimated capacity) 7,50%
Budweiser Stage, Toronto (16 000 estimated capacity) 7,40%
Rogers Arena, Vancouver (19 000 estimated capacity) 6,90%
Rogers Place, Edmonton, Alberta (18 800 estimated capacity) 6,90%
Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, Ontario (1500 estimated capacity) 6,80%
Videotron Centre, Quebec City (20 000 estimated capacity) 6,40%
The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor, Ontario (5 000 estimated capacity) 5,30%
Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Calgary, Alberta (2 500 estimated capacity) 4,80%
Metropolis, Montreal (2 300 estimated capacity) 3,80%
Alix Goolden Performance Hall, Victoria, B.C. (800 estimated capacity) 3,50%

What type of venue would you prefer if you had to attend a hologram concert?

Answers (%)
Mid-sized music venue (1 000+ capacity) 23,60%
Arena (5 000+ capacity) 21,80%
Small-sized music venue (500+ capacity) 17,90%
Stadium (30 000+ capacity) 17,20%
Festival (70 000+ capacity) 7,60%
Small studio 6,20%
Club (100+ capacity) 5,70%

Hologram concerts with artists from the 1960s

Which artist or band would you most like to see as a hologram in concert, from their 1960s era?

Answers (%)
The Beatles 14,40%
Elvis Presley 12,70%
The Jackson 5 10,80%
Bob Marley 7,30%
Led Zeppelin 6,90%
Pink Floyd 6,70%
David Bowie 5,40%
Janis Joplin 5,40%
Frank Zappa 5,00%
The Doors 4,80%
Jimi Hendrix 4,70%
The Byrds 4,60%
The Monkees 4,10%
The Kinks 3,70%
The Supremes 3,50%
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Hologram concerts with artists from the 1970s

Which artist or band would you most like to see as a hologram in concert, from their 1970s era?

Answers (%)
Queen 10,50%
Pink Floyd 6,10%
ABBA 6,60%
Led Zeppelin 6,50%
Bee Gees 4,70%
John Lennon 5,10%
The Clash 4,10%
Sex Pistols 4,60%
The Ramones 4,80%
Van Halen 4,40%
The Jackson 5 9,70%
Motörhead 3,80%
Creedence Clearwater Revival 4,90%
Marvin Gaye 4,90%
Aretha Franklin 5,60%
Curtis Mayfield 3,90%
Sly And The Family Stone 2,70%
The Temptations 2,40%
Donna Summer 4,70%

Hologram concerts with artists from the 1980s

Which artist or band would you most like to see as a hologram in concert, from their 1980s era?

Answers (%)
Michael Jackson 19,40%
Whitney Houston 7,90%
Van Halen (with Sammy Hagar) 7,10%
George Michael 6,70%
Prince 5,70%
Leonard Cohen 5,60%
Roxette 5,50%
The Police 5,10%
Genesis 5,10%
INXS 4,90%
Eurythmics 4,60%
Dire Straits 4,20%
Public Enemy 4,10%
Run–D.M.C. 4,00%
Rush 4,00%
Toto 3,70%
Dio 2,40%
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Hologram concerts with artists from the 1990s

​​Which artist or band would you most like to see as a hologram in concert, from their 1990s era?

Answers (%)
Linkin Park 13,20%
NSYNC 12,20%
Nirvana 11,20%
The Cranberries 9,10%
Destiny's Child 8,60%
Tupac Shakur 7,20%
Soundgarden 6,40%
Notorious B.I.G. 5,80%
Oasis 5,20%
TLC 5,00%
Jeff Buckley 4,60%
Aaliyah 4,00%
Stone Temple Pilots 3,80%
Alice in Chains 3,70%

Hologram concerts with artists from all decades

Which artist or band of the following would you most like to see as a hologram in concert?

Answers (%)
Michael Jackson 10,40%
Queen (with Freddie Mercury) 8,20%
The Beatles 7,40%
Elvis Presley 6,80%
Led Zeppelin 4,80%
ABBA 4,10%
Whitney Houston 4,00%
Pink Floyd (1960s lineup) 4,00%
Nirvana (with Kurt Cobain) 3,90%
Tupac Shakur 3,80%
Notorious B.I.G. 3,70%
Destiny's Child 3,40%
Jimi Hendrix 3,40%
The Doors (with Jim Morrison) 3,10%
Frank Sinatra 2,90%
The Ramones 2,90%
David Bowie 2,80%
Bob Marley 2,80%
Prince 2,60%
Janis Joplin 2,60%
Roy Orbison 2,40%
John Lennon 2,20%
Buddy Holly 2,20%
The Clash 2,00%
Amy Winehouse 1,90%
The Supremes 1,70%
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